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Novelty Gifts – Having Fun with Gift Giving

It’s completely normal if you’ve grown bored with the same old gift giving routine.  Every year there are birthdays and holidays and it just never ends.  Instead of falling into the rut of buying the same sweater in different colors every year for various family members, break the cycle with a Novelty Gift!  Not only will everyone be smitten with your sense of humor, they will feel that you actually put some effort in gift-giving for a change.

The younger set will get a kick out of Novelty Toys.  Look carefully at your nephew and figure out just what he’ll find a riot.  Maybe he’ll go for one of the lovable Chuckle Buddies or maybe he’s more into the love-to-hate-em Annoying Monsters.  The Firefly in a Jar toy eliminates the need for trapping a harmless creature in a prison for your amusement, but still has all the amusement!

For those who are not afraid to see a few pink elephants, check out the Drink Gifts.  Drinking gifts are a fun way to make light of someone’s devotion to partying.  These are perfect for someone going off to college for the first time or for 21st Birthday Gifts.  You’ll find all the drinking accessories you could ever hope for here, from Novelty Flasks to Liquor Dispensers.

Offer to spruce up someone’s brand new iPhone with one of the Novelty iPhone Covers.  They can look like a slave to the Apple Corporation, or they can look like a slave to cupcakes with a Cupcake iPhone Cover.

Funny Novelty Gifts are really where it’s at.  Tickle a few funny bones with funny gifts.  Something like a toilet mug will really make a special someone crack a smile.

Unique gifts like any of these are a simple way to let someone know you really put some thought into picking out their gift!

Novelty Mugs that will make you Spit out your Drink!

There’s a special connection that one shares with their favorite mug!  It’s an intimate relationship that shares the same bond between kissing partners.  Cups and mugs greet you in the morning and are always around to see you to sleep at night.  If you want this in your life, pick out a Novelty Mug that catches your eye!


Novelty mugs present you with the sort of freedom that makes for a happy life!  Express yourself and choose a mug that you find funny or fits your personality.  If last night’s hot wings troubles your stomach, cover your flatulence with an I Love Farting Mug.  Every time you lift this talking mug, a string of farting noises sound off.  Don’t take the blame anymore!  Another talking option is the Shut the Duck Up Mug that chatters in a duck voice.  Talking mugs are hilarious and can cheer up just about anyone!


Around Christmas time, personal gifts are expected.  We have different personalized mugs that will put a smile on your face bright and early!  These mugs are the perfect Christmas gifts between couples, and it doesn’t stop there.  There’s a heavy selection of comedic mugs such as the Jesus Shaves Mug, the Toilet Mug, the Dirty Mug, and many more.  Any of these funny mugs are great choices, and should liven up any drink you crave, even if it means a late night or early morning!


The holidays are quickly approaching and someone’s birthday is always around the corner.  Be prepared with a gift that’s guaranteed to draw at least a chuckle.  Novelty Mugs never fail!