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Summer Gifts: A Celebration of Picnics and BBQs

With the warm weather and green grass, everyone wants to be outside for the summer time! BBQs and picnics are as iconic as ice cream and swimming pools during these carefree days. Which makes them great ideas for Summer Gifts! So the next time you have a celebration to go to and you need a gift, give them the epitome of summer time: Picnic Baskets or BBQ Gifts!

Even if you don’t have an occasion where gifts are required, picnic baskets are great for any family. Bring one along to the beach at night for a romantic beach picnic with your spouse, or carry one to the park with your kids for a meal that doesn’t disrupt outdoor playtime! Coolers and Picnic Blankets are also great to bring the beach or park to enjoy your time outside better.

Now maybe, your family doesn’t always have time to gather in the car and head off to a park, toting a picnic basket. Then barbeques are just as great for family inspired fun outside. I bet you didn’t know that you could make your BBQs more entertaining than ever before with our BBQ Gadgets. Personalize your steaks with a nifty branding iron or have fun squirting ketchup and mustard on your hot dogs with a condiment gun.

When you get the next opportunity to give a gift this season, don’t forget all the fun and convenience that any summer gift should have!

Food Under the Sun: Picnic Baskets for Two or More

The sun is out, the wind is an afterthought, and the grass is dry.  Everything is set in place for a nice day at the park with that special someone or your troop of kids.  Either way, there’s no better day for a picnic!  However, food doesn’t carry itself!  Travel and easily carry food with our Picnic Baskets!


More mouths equal more space!  Our Picnic Baskets for Four have just enough space to feed the group.  The Sonoma Picnic Basket is a willow basket made for wine and cheese complete with many accessories.  It includes a corkscrew, food container, cutting board, cheese knife, tablecloth, wine duffel, wine glasses, and napkins.  Everything you need for a classy picnic get-together is available, but maybe you’re in a hurry or just want some alone time.  Don’t worry; the Picnic Time Pranzo Lunch Pack does the job.  This picnic lunch pack has separate hot and cold sections, a carrying strap, plus a hidden section with salt and pepper shakers.  You’ll be fully equipped for a last minute picnic in peace!


For a more intimate occasion, our Picnic Baskets for Two will help set the mood.  We have picnic baskets in different styles that can only enhance your picnic outing.  The Romantic Picnic Basket for Two is a brown rope and bamboo basket that has all the utensils needed to satisfy a happy couple.  The Sandringham, Pioneer, Chardonnay, and other picnic basket styles are available for a warm afternoon with your partner.  If you want a change of pace, the Picnic Time Picnic Basket is a modern makeover of traditional baskets with a stylish but effective design.  You won’t be disappointed with any of these choices!


Lay down your blankets and enjoy a beautiful day of picnicking with our selection of Picnic Baskets!