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Christmas Gifts Part 1

That special time of the season is nearing!  Soon every house will be covered in snow and Christmas lights will illuminate the whole neighborhood.  Toy reindeers and lawn elves may also make an appearance.  That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the interior?  Decorate your home and kitchen with our Personalized Christmas Gifts!


Start a tradition with our collection of Personalized Christmas Ornaments.  These gifts can be customized with an image and message.  The variety is heartwarming!  You can find an ornament for your pet, infant, favorite college team, and many more.  A monogram personalization is beyond classy and will be a fitting addition to your Christmas tree.  Ornaments can be used again and again, year after year.  Your children can carry them on to the next generation and so on.  Christmas Ornaments are essential for a happy and memorable holiday!


Our Personalized Platters have a healthy selection of Christmas platters to top off your holiday!  Serve a grand feast or a merry meal with a customizable platter that is decorated with your favorite holiday images.  Feast on a plate that is designed with Santa Clause or a happy snowman.  Different Christmas signatures like wreaths and mistletoes line the edges of these platters and will put anyone in the holiday spirit.  Holiday dinnerware will look great on any table!


This Christmas, go all out and put a holiday stamp on everything in your house.  From the kitchen to your Christmas tree, the choices for decoration are endless.  Prepare for the season with our Personalized Christmas Gifts!

Father’s Day is Coming Up! Make A Memory With Your Dad

This Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day. I know! I can’t believe it’s come around again either! Doesn’t the routine go something like this: every year, on the third Sunday in June, it’s a scramble to find a tie your father doesn’t have yet – did you get the blue striped one last year? How about the red? Does dad even like paisley? Let’s stop that madness now! Instead of another generic gift, why not get your dad something meaningful, from the heart? Why not make a new memory with the man (or men) who helped make you into the person you are today?


Whether you’re paying tribute to your father, step-father, grandfather, or another man who means a lot to you, the best gift you can give is something that brings back thoughts of a great time. Does your dad like cooking outdoors? Is he a grill master (or does he just think he is)? Get your dad a personalized BBQ platter and set of personalized grilling tools, and there’ll be shrimp on the barbie in no time! I know no one can grill better than my dad (feel free to challenge me in the comments!) – I might just get him one of our fun grilling tools this year! The best part about a personalized BBQ gift is that the more grilling tools you give your dad, the more likely it is that he’ll cook you delicious food! My ulterior motive revealed!


Once dinner is over, grill cooling, and personalized aprons sufficiently covered in BBQ sauce, it’s time for some more fun together as a family. Why not play a fun board game, like Password or Loaded Questions? We have party games, word games, family games, educational games, and strategy games – there’s something for each and every one’s tastes. You can even Make Your Own Opoly, by personalizing the blank squares to create your own version of the classic board game! Make your own board game, customizing the board to be about your family, your interests, or even all about Dad.


Of course, these are only suggestions – you know best what your dad likes, so poke around our Father’s Day gift section and see if anything catches your fancy!


Happy shopping, and happy Father’s Day! Stop back later in the week when we share our own favorite memories we have of our Dads!