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The Ultimate Housewarming Gift Guide

Your friend just moved into a new place and you need to find the perfect way to say “Congratulations!” and “Good luck in your new home!”  We call those housewarming gifts, and even if your buddy isn’t throwing a housewarming party, you can still get a gift as a thoughtful gesture.  And you can’t phone this gift-giving in!  You really have to think about balancing practicality and fun.

Personalized Wine Glasses make a tasteful housewarming gift.

One area your friend may need your help with is drinking.  He or she may not have any new glasses at the new place or they could have all broke in transit.  Click here to check out some neat drink gifts.  You can either be classy and helpful with your gift, like a Personalized Wine Glass.  Or, you can be hysterical and get Red Cup Wine Glasses, which look just like solo cups–super classy.  You can click here to check those funny wine glasses.  And if you want to look into more novelty drink gifts, click here.

Lend a hand to your friend when it comes to decorating his or her new house.  There is most likely a novelty clock that will suit your buddy’s personality.  Get your friend a Personalized Sign so he or she can really put a mark on the new place.  There’s such a wide variety of signs to choose from, click here to check them out.  You can get a pub sign, theater sign, man cave sign, or even a fishing hole sign, why not.

There really are so many fun house warming gifts out there, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.  But if you get really stumped, just remember this: Chocolate Gift Basket.  Works every time.

The Girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day Gift

Getting the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend can seem like a daunting task.  Isn’t there so much pressure?  What if she hates it?  Is this Valentines gift going to be a reflection of how I feel about her?  What if I over-think it?  What if I under-think it?  Well, you should relax.  Picking out a Valentines gift is actually an enjoyable experience!

An Adorable Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

You could go any number of directions when deciding what Valentine’s day gift to get.  Chocolate and flowers?  That’s tried and true.  Click here to check out some Valentines Day Gift Baskets that pack all those romantic gifts into one convenient location.   Teddy bears,  chocolates, and conversation hearts are all available in one of these romantic gift baskets.

A personalized gift is a great way to show your beloved that she’s the only one on your mind.  Click here to check out the Personalized Romantic Mugs.  You’ll make morning coffee extra sweet.  The Personalized Couple Frame is the only place for a lovely picture of the two of you, obviously.

Jewelry is also a classic romantic gift for Valentines Day.  Personalized jewelry is even more special.  Click here for a beautiful personalized bracelet that has a heart for her initial.  It will quickly become a staple of your girlfriend’s look.  And the Engraved Heart Necklace is also a great way to go.

Good luck this Valentine’s day!  If you choose any of these romantic gifts, you are  definitely going the right way.

Personalize Your Halloween

Halloween is so much more than gorging yourself on candy and wearing possibly compromising costumes!  This is a time to celebrate with people you love, and at the very least, like.  If you’re already totally into the Halloween spirit, then this blog post is perfect for you.  And, if you’re kind of already over it, then it is now my job to turn your attitude around with some fun Halloween gifts.

Throw a family Halloween party this year!  Get the whole clan together, plus some friends and maybe the neighbors and fully embrace everything spooky.  Our Pinterest board “Halloween” links to lots of great Halloween recipes and party ideas, in case you need some inspiration.  To really get your family Halloween party to pop, check out our site for some Personalized Halloween Platters.  They have a fun design, as you can see from the image here.  And you can have them say whatever you like!  Get creative in under 40 characters!

When you’re not serving up spaghetti and meatballs, and passing them off as eyeballs and guts, in the Personailzed Halloween Platter, you’ve got to get into the Halloween spirit with basic household objects!  Throughout the month of October, you should be using almost exclusively Halloween themed products.  Keep your creepy cookies in a personalized Halloween cookie jar.  Click here to check out this personalized Halloween cookie jar which features a festive skull, bats, and black cat design.  This personalized cookie jar lets you say whatever you like.

Along those same lines is the Personalized Halloween Bowl.  Whether you’re munching on cereal, savoring ice cream, or slurping up bat brains, this personalized bowl will get you into the proper Halloween mood.

Now that you’ve thought about preparing your home for Halloween, you might want to prepare yourself by checking out some Halloween costumes, right?

Romantic Gifts – Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Maybe you’re running out of new and exciting gifts for your partner.  Maybe you’ve done the whole chocolate and flowers thing more times than you should have.  This year, really make it special.  Whether you’re looking for anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day Gifts, or even birthday gifts, you’ll find something unique and worthy among these Romantic Gifts.

Here’s a gift-giving tip for your love: personalize it.  Nothing says “I totally did not forget our Anniversary/Valentine’s Day and just picked up some flowers at the gas station” like a Personalized Romantic Gift.  Put yours and your love’s name on something like a Personalized Pillow Case Set , or a Personalized Romantic Print.  These romantic gifts show the world how happy you two are as a couple.

If you’re looking to please a lady, then look no further than these Romantic Gifts for Women.  From a sweet teddy bear to a beautiful Personalized Charm Bracelet, you’ll find something to suit any kind of girl.  Kick the romance up a couple of notches by letting her come home to a bed of roses.  She’ll be blown away when she sees all the trouble you went through–but with this bed of roses kit, it’s no trouble at all!  Being romantic doesn’t have to be difficult.

Shopping for a man, however, can be tricky.  You’re sure to find something special among the Romantic Gifts for Men.  The never-fail standbys are all there.  One tip for finding Romantic Gifts for Men is to get something both partners would enjoy, like a Massager or one of the Romantic Gift Baskets.  And the Romantic Games are a guaranteed good time!

Carry Around your Memories with a Photo Bag!

Mother’s Day is a blink away!  Think of the gifts you gave her in past years.  What made them special?  I’m sure all of them were from the heart but were the gifts any different from the next.  Impress your mother with a unique gift for that special day.  Take a look at our Photo Bags!


A Photo Bag is a gift with many benefits!  These totes come in different sizes and colors.  Mothers and women, in general, can carry all of their daily necessities and accessories, but that’s not even the best part.  Each bag features windows to display the photographs of your choice.  The Mini Photo Bag features 1 window to display one special photo.  Baby pictures, family photos, or any photos can be put on display.  The world can share in the joy that you receive on a daily basis!


Customize the shoulder bag of choice to your mother’s preference!  These photo totes are available in an assortment of colors: black, aqua, pink, kiwi, red, sage, and khaki.  Our 6-Window Photo Bag allows you to customize the travel bag with 6 photos.  You can create a family collage, or present a set of pictures that tell a story.  The story of your family can be proudly displayed on your mother’s shoulder.  You won’t be able to find a more fitting personalized gift for mom!


Mother’s Day is a time of appreciation for the vessel that brought you here!  Award that wonderful woman with a medal of honor she can wear anywhere.  Make her day with a Photo Bag!

A Peek at our Personalized Gifts!

A personal touch can give any gift that extra oomph of sentimentality!  A simple word, sentence, or series of letters can invoke an emotional response connected to a cherished memory.  Imagine a plain plate.  Scan the smooth surface and the contours that gleam under overhead lights.  It’s nice, but not memorable in the least.  Now picture that same plate, but with an inside joke, between you and your partner, inscribed in the center of the dish.  Every time you glance at the dish, you won’t be able to fight off a smile.  Have more moments like this by checking out our collection of Personalized Gifts!


Family comes first!  Stay true to that mantra with a Family Gift!  Every aspect of family life can be commemorated.  All of your dishware can be customized with lines of messaging and artwork to reflect the members of your family.  Personalized Plates, platters, bowls, and cookie jars can fill up your cabinets and serve a constant reminder of what you care about the most.  Every customization is personal, intimate, and better than blank space.  Personalized kitchen gifts help nourish your body and soul.  Fill out the rest of your home with personalized throws, picture frames, and much more!


Keepsakes are here to stay!  Try a gift that will last a lifetime.  Handprint Gifts lament the journey of the newest addition to your family.  The start of a new life reminds you of the old.  Encapsulate your memories into personalized photo gifts through calendars, pillows, and more.  The holiday seasons are well represented.  Personalized Christmas Ornaments can be passed on from generation to generation and coordinated to fit the whole family.  There’s not a better way to bond with your loved ones!


Protect and preserve your family structure with a Personalized Gift!

Meaningful and Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Boyfriend!

Romantic holidays are very important to women!  These special days carry weight for men too, but women seem to take these events a little more seriously.  To make a guy happy, all you have to do is turn on the football game, and set him up with a big bag of chips and a beer.  That’s close to heaven for a man, but if you must get him something check out our Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends!


Gift Baskets for Men provide a range of manly offerings!  Cigar accessories, grilling and barbecue items, and more fill up these baskets to perfection.  Sports Gift Baskets cover all of the major sports and even the less heralded ones like fishing and hunting.  Best of all, the Snack Gift Baskets keep you well prepared to tackle an empty stomach and sweet tooth.  Chips, soda, candy; you name it!  A romantic gift is a gift that pleases the stomach!


Gadgets are always a great choice!  Novelty Key Chains are creative, fun, and handy.  Key Finders come in different variations with a number of ways to alert you of your keys’ location.  For those always losing track of their keys, this gift is a lifesaver.  Video Game Key Chains offer a fun distraction.  Downtime doesn’t have to be drag.  Just whip out your keychain and have fun!


The list goes on and on!  Personalized Dog Tags, newspapers, and picture frames are also great choices.   Personalized gifts really show how much you care.  Valentine’s Day should be memorable, and it will be if you take advantage of our collection!

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Please Your Girlfriend!

February 14 is the day of reckoning for all couples!  Relationships demand a certain level of attention to detail because some partners want to celebrate every special moment.  Anniversaries are made everyday: first date anniversary, first kiss, first time you held hands, first argument, first time watching a romantic comedy together.  The list goes on and on!  The best thing you can do is to stick with remembering the day of Cupid’s target practice.  Take a look at our Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends!


Spa Gift Baskets provide enough accessories to make your girlfriend happy!  These baskets come with everything to make her feel good and at ease.  From bath and body products to yoga and relaxation items, a gift basket does all the work.  You can sit back and relax as your girlfriend gets comfortable and enjoys her romantic gifts!


Nothing beats a practical gift!  Personalized Cell Phone Cases are always in demand.  In the digital age, texting is at an all-time high.  Protect your girlfriend’s cell phone from destruction with a cute holder that can be customized and is quilted for extra padding.  Another easy choice is our Personalized Cosmetic Cases.  These bags are handy for females that stay on top of their looks at all times.  There’s an assortment of gifts that should do the trick of unzipping a wide smile on Valentine’s Day.  Personalized gifts, key chains, jewelry, and Valentine molds are all great choices for a special day!


Strengthen your relationship with a Valentine’s Day Gift for your girlfriend!

Time to Move on: Retirement Gift Ideas

Everyone knew this day was coming; the day that laborious soul hangs up the office keys and heads home to retirement.  The retiree embarks on a journey of time gone and lost in the shuffle of what’s to come.  You can help make this transition easier.  Bring a smile to that newly retired person’s face or someone on the brink of retiring with a Retirement Gift!


Time plagues the mind of this anxious.  Our retirement clocks can help!  For a hearty laugh, take a look at the Whatever Clock.  This clock is a jumble of numbers meant to lighten up schedule sticklers.  Take a load off and enjoy retirement.  Don’t be a victim of appointment!  However for those still waiting for retirement, we have a Retirement Count Clock in a Beach or Golf theme.  Watch those numbers tick away towards a desired date!  Our Novelty Clocks offer a good change of pace for a home that will seem different after retirement.  We have classic Kit-Cat Clocks, Backwards Clocks, and many more.  Clock out with our gift clocks!


For a personal stamp sift through our selection of personalized retirement gifts.  During retirement, you can make wine tasting a full time hobby.  A Personalized Wine Box or Personalized Insulated Wine Cooler Tote is great for wine lovers and connoisseurs.  Personalized Wine Glasses are perfect for retirement parties and Gourmet Gift Baskets are great presents that anyone can enjoy.  A Personalized Golf Towel can come in handy on those hot summer days at the green, and a Personalized Recognition Keepsake Plate is a proper way to commemorate a new stage of life.  Do it right!


Retirement is an unpredictable road!  Make that journey easier with our Retirement Gifts.