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Show your Love on Parents’ Day, Sunday July 26th

July 26th is fast approaching! What is so special about July 26th you ask? It happens to be Parents’ Day! Parents’ Day is a special day when we recognize and celebrate the important role our parents play in each of our lives. From a young age our parents wear there for us to feed us, clothe us, and take care of us. As we grow up our parents become our mentors, teachers, and our friends. Show your love for your parents and family with Future Memories’ personalized gifts.

Our Personalized Family Plate is too cute!

If your parents love to cook and entertain, try our Personalized Family Plate. The Personalized Family Plate is a gift that your parents’ will treasure forever. Customize this plate with your family’s name and the names of up to eight family members. You can even choose adorable characters that represent your family members. Moms and dads will love this touching gift from the kids!

If you’re looking for something even more personal try our Personalized Mom and Dad Picture Frames. Our Personalized Mom and Dad Picture Frames are a lovely way to show your mom or dad just how special they really are. Choose from many different styles of frame and personalize with your name and a special message. Don’t forget to add a picture of your family! Mom and Dad will be reminded how lucky they are and how much they are loved whenever they look at this beautiful, and touching photo frame.

Our Monogrammed Personalized Cookie Jar is the stylish way to store all of your family’s home baked treats! Not the baker? Put store bought cookies in this jar and no one will know the difference. Select your name and your family’s initial to be displayed on this beautiful cookie jar. Fill up this jar with cookies and other baked goods for a simple, yet thoughtful, parents’ day gift. If your parents love to bake, then they’ll treasure this cookie jar for years.

Parents’ day might not be as well known as mother’s day or father’s day, but you can still show your love and appreciation for your parents with these heartfelt  gifts. Because our gifts are unique and made especially for you and your family, we know your parents will never forget their beautiful, parents’ day gift.

Check out these and many more Parents’ day gifts at futurememories.com !


Turn a House into a Home with our Personalized Family Gifts!

Scheduled family time should be an all out affair!  Whether it’s family game night or Sunday dinner, the whole family should always be reminded of their bond.  A strong family base can instill a sense of tradition in children and build character.  Always keep these vital tidbits in mind and take a look at our Personalized Family Gifts!


Personalized Family Plates do a better job at enhancing a meal than salt and pepper!  Fill your kitchen up with customized family plates that can show off your whole family.  Fun artwork of each member of the family and their name can be emblazoned on a ceramic plate.  If the whole family is too much, try a grandkids plate.  Grandparents will cherish the gift!  Personalized plates are sentimental and do their part at transforming a house into a home!


Movie night should only happen if you have a Personalized Popcorn Bowl!  We have a full list of designs that will compliment any message of personalization.  Halloween decorations, gingham patterns, and many other designs are available.  The movie and the popcorn won’t be the only treat.  Popcorn is cool but it doesn’t go down smooth.  Grab a Personalized Ice Cream Bowl to hold your cold treats.  These bowls stay cold for long periods of time to keep your dessert fresh.  Customized bowls do more than just hold food!


Bring the family together with a special custom gift!  Our Personalized Family Gifts brighten up a household with warm intentions!

Personalized Plates that Motivate!

National Nutrition Month is here, and the theme for 2012 is “Get Your Plate in Shape.”  It’s up to you to eat right and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Fill your meals out with all of the vital nutrients that will keep your body strong and nourished.  A change in diet can be tough to do, but we have the right tools to motivate you.  Get excited to eat right with a Personalized Plate that means something to you!


A Personalized Family Plate will help you keep your priorities in order!  Inspire yourself to eat right with a customized plate that reminds you of why you want to live a long life.  Our family plates can be decorated with an image of every member of the family or just a select few.  The lines of personalization give you the chance to leave a special message or commemorate the family legacy.  These plates are practical and sentimental gifts that’ll make you look forward to every meal!


Healthy living and eating has a trickle down effect on your kids!  Make every meal fun for your little one with a Personalized Kids Plate.  We have many designs that cater to young souls and space for a customized message.  The personalization can be a chance to offer nutritious words of encouragement so that every time your children look at their plates, they’ll remember.  Kids will be excited to eat right!


Our collection of custom plates is vast!  We have a plate for almost every recipient and every occasion.  Your whole circle of friends and family can take note and monitor their diet!