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New and Personalized Baby Gifts!

Congratulations on your new baby! This is a truly exciting time. Now that you have brought a new person into the world, it’s time to start buying stuff just for them! But no need to stress. With our new baby gifts, we have everything you’ll need to make your little bundle of joy feel special now and for years to come!

Preserve your newborn’s most memorable moments with our precious keepsakes. What’s more important than keeping up with your baby’s most major milestones? Try our baby time capsule to keep track of all your baby’s wonderful experiences so they can appreciate them as they grow older.

Need a gift for your friend or relative who is a mother-to-be?  Don’t sweat it! You are sure to find something suitable before the party with our vast array of baby shower gifts!

With our personalized baby gifts, show your love for the new bundle of joy in a
unique and sentimental way. Your little one is going to need an adorable outfit, so why not choose something cute from our stylish selection of baby clothing. Our classic personalized baby rompers, pictured on the right, will have your little cutie-pie looking super-fly. Customize your baby’s new look by printing their name and personal birth information on the front of this soft piece of cotton baby apparel. To keep food-time a fun time, try the personalized baby keepsake plate. This one-of-a-kind baby dish is also customized with your baby’s name and birth info. on a nursery-scene design. Make meal time less about crying and more about smiles with this special plate. Your little one will treasure this item later on when they reflect on their very own keepsake.

You’ll find this and more personalized gifts that make for great future memories as you search through our site!


Personalized Baby Gifts for Proud Parents!

Parents cherish their babies to undying lengths!  Whether it’s with 24/7, nose of a bloodhound attention or with a stream of toys and gifts, parents give it their all to shower their infants with the best.  Every gift has to be better than the last, and this kind of love is understandable!  Bless your newborn with a gift that has that added touch of sentimentality by looking at our Personalized Baby Gifts!


Celebrate the newest member of the family with a Personalized Baby Plate!  These personalized plates are great keepsakes that will commemorate the birth of a special child.  Birth plates can be customized with the name and size of the child.  For the military families, mark your new addition to the family as a future army brat with a Personalized Military Plate.  Choose your own branch of the military: army, navy, air force, or marines.  Customized baby plates are amazing gifts that can serve as decorations in any part of the house!


Bring your infectious style to your baby’s wardrobe with our Personalized Baby Clothes! Our Personalized Baby Dresses by Bon Bon and Garden Princess are beyond cute and comfortable.  These dresses come in an assortment of colors, and can be customized by name or initial.  Baby boys can also prepare for a fun adventure with our Personalized Overalls.  These baby outfits are adorable!


The ultimate keepsakes are pictures since they capture those special moments in time!  Trap your favorite memories with a Personalized Baby Photo Album.  Many different types of picture albums are available.  There are too many themes to name.  From roses to airplanes down to ballerinas and everything in-between, our collection has any theme you can think of.  Every photo book can be personalized to represent your baby’s likeness.  Store all of your cherished memories with a custom picture album!


Infant years are fleeting!  Treasure these years as much as possible by showering your home with Personalized Baby Gifts!