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Funny Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is the perfect time to test the old man!  For your whole life, he put up a tough exterior to keep you from worrying.  The big guy stood tall with a stone face and showed no emotion.  Take a look at our collection of Funny Gifts for Dad, and see if he’ll crack a smile, laugh, or cry when you surprise him with one of our items!


Time is precious to a man.  The football game starts at a certain hour and the beers must be ice cold.  Keep your father on schedule with one of these spiffy Novelty Watches!  These watches range from funny to psychedelic.  A Dali Watch may send your father into the Twilight Zone, but at least he’ll be on time.  As for the drinks, get the party started with a Bottle Opener Ring.  These novelty rings feature fun designs and can remove bottle caps in an instant.  Make dad’s life easier with one of these fun gifts!


The theme of drinks continues with our Liquor Dispensers.  Every party amenity plays a part in the party’s success.  These funny dispensers show a little boy, an old geezer, and Santa Clause taking a whiz.  Once the drinks start to kick in, everyone will find these drinking gifts to be the funniest things in the world.  After a night of drinking, the old man may be due for a pit stop at the restroom.  Keep his bathroom equipped with our Novelty Toilet Paper.  Leave a campaign trail of a different kind on these hilarious sheets of toilet tissue!


Your search for the perfect present stops at our collection of Funny Gifts for Dad!

Laugh out Loud with a Gag Gift!

Yet another April Fools’ Day is around the corner!  Laughs and pranks are both guaranteed, while embarrassment looms over the day waiting to strike.  Stay on the good side of this day by creating your own brand of comedy with a Gag Gift!


Introduce your bathroom to our collection of Novelty Toilet Paper!  Have a clean wipe at the expense of a political party you despise with the Republican or Democrat Toilet Paper Roll.  Any roll you choose will be a hilarious addition to your restroom, especially when you decide to leave your mark.  The mark you leave might be due to something you drank, but you can easily hide the pain of a bad drink with a Novelty Mug.  You’ll most certainly enjoy the Jesus Shaves Mug or the Shut the Duck Up Mug.  Many hilarious designs are available and are funny enough to make you spit out your drink!

Try a unique approach to April Fools’ Day pranks!  Our Money to Burn Fire Starters is an ingenious novelty gift that can light a fire under anyone’s belly.  Show off your lack of money problems and see if anyone takes the bait.  The Nose Shower Gel Dispenser is a definite head turner!  The giant nose will squeeze out shower gel, but your imagination will give you second thoughts about that.  Guests of your home will love it and freak out at the same time!


Comedy will be in full blast this April Fools’ Day!  Grab a gag gift and start up a new hilarious trend!

Funny Novelty Gifts that Frown on Frowns!

A laugh everyday will take some kind of pain away!  It sounds too simple but it’s true.  A couple of seconds of laughter can make a world of difference in relieving any kind of stress.  However, straining that frown into a smile can be hard these days.  You’ve seen every joke, comedic bit, and potty mouthed old man there is.  You need something new to laugh at.  Crack a chuckle with one of our Funny Novelty Gifts!


We have a varied selection of Funny Novelty Gifts to keep a smile on your face!  For the businessman with a sense of humor, try a Musical Tie on for size that has playable keynotes.  This unique gift brings a new meaning to dressing with style.  Music can lighten up an office, but try and bring some relief to the bathroom with our collection of Novelty Toilet Paper!  Celebrate birthdays, deface political figures, or make your tissue glow in the dark.  Spicy foods can spell bad news for your stomach.  Turn your restroom into the Laugh Factory with a funny gift!


At times, the word “novelty” can be interchangeable with rare or one of kind!  Take a look at the unique Slide to Unlock Refrigerator Magnet.  With a design inspired by the Iphone, Apple has officially invaded our kitchens.  New parents can now have fun shopping for their newborn with a Dumbbell Baby Rattle.  Start your baby’s training early.  The world’s strongest men are born not made!  All great gifts are different from everything else!


Our Funny Novelty Gifts cross all genres of comedy!  Lift your spirits as soon as possible!