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Countdown to the New Year with a Unique Clock!

The minutes ticking away in anticipation of the New Year!  Do you have any resolutions that you can’t wait to tackle?  If so keep track of the time so you can get started with your goals as soon as the clock strikes twelve.  Watch time fly in excitement with a Unique Clock!


Our collection of Novelty Clocks put a fun twist on keeping track of time!  Find a clock that fits your personality or situation.  For the old-fashioned, our Kit-Cat Clocks tick away with a clever motion and sly face that should give everyone a taste of the early 1900’s.  Food lovers will salivate over the food wall clocks that use toppings for decorations.  There is an assortment of unusual clocks that are just for the twisted tellers of time.  The Whatever Clock, Melted Metal Clock, and the Backwards Clock are all funny and should make great additions to any household!


Wall Clocks are an essential part of any home!  Find a clock that fits or astounds you.  The Moon Clock is a stunning piece of work that puts our planet in perspective.  All different kinds of wall clocks are available to meet your satisfaction.  Sports clocks, retro clocks, Christmas clocks, classic clocks, and other genres of clocks are on hand to deck out your home.  Wall clocks get the job done!


Everything runs on time!  Don’t get left behind in the rush of life and living.  Stay attuned by equipping yourself with a Unique Clock!

Time to Move on: Retirement Gift Ideas

Everyone knew this day was coming; the day that laborious soul hangs up the office keys and heads home to retirement.  The retiree embarks on a journey of time gone and lost in the shuffle of what’s to come.  You can help make this transition easier.  Bring a smile to that newly retired person’s face or someone on the brink of retiring with a Retirement Gift!


Time plagues the mind of this anxious.  Our retirement clocks can help!  For a hearty laugh, take a look at the Whatever Clock.  This clock is a jumble of numbers meant to lighten up schedule sticklers.  Take a load off and enjoy retirement.  Don’t be a victim of appointment!  However for those still waiting for retirement, we have a Retirement Count Clock in a Beach or Golf theme.  Watch those numbers tick away towards a desired date!  Our Novelty Clocks offer a good change of pace for a home that will seem different after retirement.  We have classic Kit-Cat Clocks, Backwards Clocks, and many more.  Clock out with our gift clocks!


For a personal stamp sift through our selection of personalized retirement gifts.  During retirement, you can make wine tasting a full time hobby.  A Personalized Wine Box or Personalized Insulated Wine Cooler Tote is great for wine lovers and connoisseurs.  Personalized Wine Glasses are perfect for retirement parties and Gourmet Gift Baskets are great presents that anyone can enjoy.  A Personalized Golf Towel can come in handy on those hot summer days at the green, and a Personalized Recognition Keepsake Plate is a proper way to commemorate a new stage of life.  Do it right!


Retirement is an unpredictable road!  Make that journey easier with our Retirement Gifts.