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Gifts of Matrimony Made for Thought!

I now pronounce you man and—at that point, it’s too late to buy the wedding gifts, but as of right now there’s still time.  Plan ahead and make sure that holy day of matrimony between two hungry souls is special.  Our collection of Wedding Gifts has a vast and varied selection that will help your presents stand out!


The stars of the show, the bride and groom, deserve the attention.  Our Gifts for the Newlyweds pay tribute to the happy couple and will make you the most praised gift bearer.  Personalized gifts come in all shapes and sizes to put an intimate stamp on any gift.  Romantic mugs, gift baskets, plates, platters, candles, and other items can be personalized to commemorate the new married couple.  Keepsakes that hold photos and time capsules that store marriage checkpoints are all great gift ideas!


Friends of the groom don’t have to fret over the gift decisions.  A Groom T-shirt and Boxers will never let him forget that special day and personalized cuff links are the perfect compliment to any groom’s suit.  Bride Gifts include Bridal Jewelry, Bridal Money Bags, and everything in-between.  A DIY Personalized Bridal Shower and a Pearlized Silver Wedding Album are sure to bring a tear of joy to the bride!  Bride Apparel gives the bride an opportunity to lament the wedding experience with clothes from tank tops down to the slippers.


The Groomsman and Bridesmaid are the support that keeps weddings from derailing.  A small trinket can be a great show of appreciation.  Compact mirrors, jewelry boxes, and key chains are great Bridesmaid favors.  Bridesmaid picture frames capture numerous emotions and honor the Bride’s shoulders to lean on.  Groomsman Gifts are a salute to a life left behind for a happy union.  Personalized beer and shot glasses can be used on the wedding day to celebrate the occasion.  Our Personalized Pocket Watches and Money Clips come in different styles and have a very professional look.  Show your appreciation for the groomsmen with these gifts and more!


A wedding is meant to rejoice in the future of the bride and groom, but let’s not forget the others that help fuel the ceremony.  Our Wedding Gifts collection has gifts for everyone involved!

The Beginnings of Nostalgia: 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The 25th anniversary is not the infatuated newlywed hangover of the first, yet it is just as special in its own way.  25 years is an accomplishment and a kaleidoscope of memories that range from the raising of bed jumping children to the vacation getaways on the Caribbean down to the moments of perseverance that kept the marriage strong.  Commemoration of this journey is made easy with our 25th anniversary gift collection!


A momentous occasion should be celebrated with friends and family.  If you’re thinking about throwing a 25th anniversary party, our chic 25th Anniversary Guestbook is vital to keep track of the loved ones who attended, and to reminisce on their heartfelt messages.  Our drinking flutes with the anniversary inscription are great for toasting, and the Cake Server set combines elegance and ease for a smooth cake cutting experience.  Rhinestone and acrylic cake toppers are available for added aesthetics as well as personalized champagne labels that provide a unique stamp for your special day!


Keepsakes immortalize anniversaries.  Photographic recollections of the 25 best years of your life can be memorialized with our 25th Anniversary Flip Frame that sports a beautifully embossed cover and contains 50 pockets for your horizontal photos.  The Floating Candle Vase burns with a flame which yearns to last as long the eternal love that drives your marriage.  Personalized blankets, crosses, and calendars make room for intimate messages between spouses.  We also have a “Recipe for a Happy Marriage” gift frame that breaks the qualities of your strong marriage down to ingredients.


You only get one 25th anniversary.  Make it extraordinary!