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A Peek at our Personalized Gifts!

A personal touch can give any gift that extra oomph of sentimentality!  A simple word, sentence, or series of letters can invoke an emotional response connected to a cherished memory.  Imagine a plain plate.  Scan the smooth surface and the contours that gleam under overhead lights.  It’s nice, but not memorable in the least.  Now picture that same plate, but with an inside joke, between you and your partner, inscribed in the center of the dish.  Every time you glance at the dish, you won’t be able to fight off a smile.  Have more moments like this by checking out our collection of Personalized Gifts!


Family comes first!  Stay true to that mantra with a Family Gift!  Every aspect of family life can be commemorated.  All of your dishware can be customized with lines of messaging and artwork to reflect the members of your family.  Personalized Plates, platters, bowls, and cookie jars can fill up your cabinets and serve a constant reminder of what you care about the most.  Every customization is personal, intimate, and better than blank space.  Personalized kitchen gifts help nourish your body and soul.  Fill out the rest of your home with personalized throws, picture frames, and much more!


Keepsakes are here to stay!  Try a gift that will last a lifetime.  Handprint Gifts lament the journey of the newest addition to your family.  The start of a new life reminds you of the old.  Encapsulate your memories into personalized photo gifts through calendars, pillows, and more.  The holiday seasons are well represented.  Personalized Christmas Ornaments can be passed on from generation to generation and coordinated to fit the whole family.  There’s not a better way to bond with your loved ones!


Protect and preserve your family structure with a Personalized Gift!

For Pete’s sake, try our Keepsakes!

Keepsakes protect a lifetime of memories.  Gifts that last the long haul hold great sentimental value and can help turn any household into a home.  Enrich your family and friends with a gift that shows them how much you care.  Don’t look for a one time only gift, search for that special item in our collection of Keepsakes!


Start a gift giving tradition from birth!  When they get older, your children will want to look back and put together clues of their infant experience.  The Day You Were Born Newspaper is a great reminder of a date of birth.  This personalized gift makes it easier to reminisce on your baby’s birth date and remember what was going on in the world at the time.  Handprint Gifts provide great relics from a child’s past.  A Pop Art Canvas Baby Handprint Set comes in blue and pink.  These sets can be customized with a baby’s handprint and used to decorate rooms.  A Photo and Footprint Baby Book shows your infant’s prints and contains journal pages to document every step of growth.  Try a keepsake that will last from childhood to adulthood!


Collectibles  increase in value as time goes on.  We have a selection of Old Magazines for the old timers or people interested in past publications such as Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and more.  Movie memorabilia is perfect for the movie buffs.  Photographs and collectibles of classic and contemporary movie stars are available and waiting to be framed.  To store these keepsakes, check out our Baby Time Capsule or Weeding Time Capsule.  Both are used to collect milestones and build up tangible memories during life’s journey.


Try our Keepsakes for the sake of nostalgia!