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Satisfy that Sweet Tooth with an Ice Cream Costume and Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow!

The summer can’t last forever.  It’s a sad truth.  Extra sunshine, sprinklers, the sound of children playing, long days, and short nights are all put on hold for a few seasons.  However, there is one joy that carries over: ice cream!  Pay homage to the best dessert known to man by dressing up in an Ice Cream Costume, and taking a breather with an Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow!


Stay cool in more ways than one with an ice cream Halloween costume.  The Ice Cream Sundae Costume can be worn any day of the week, and it doesn’t spoil your dinner!  Pair the sundae up with an Ice Cream Cone Costume to complete a group or couples costume.  The idea of being one with two different types of ice cream treats is overwhelming!  Try these food costumes on for size and all of your worries and fears will melt away.


After a long night of party hopping and trick-or-treating, you’re going to be exhausted!  Hide your valuable bag of candy, take a load off, and rest your head on the comfy Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow.  Sweet dreams are now possible.  This soft and sweet pillow will lull you into a dreamland that’s not too far away from candy land.  What’s better than a night full of deserts?


Indulge in the pleasures that please your sweet tooth without having to worry about cavities.  Dress up in an Ice Cream Costume and complete the perfect night with hours of rest on an ice cream pillow!