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The Ultimate Housewarming Gift Guide

Your friend just moved into a new place and you need to find the perfect way to say “Congratulations!” and “Good luck in your new home!”  We call those housewarming gifts, and even if your buddy isn’t throwing a housewarming party, you can still get a gift as a thoughtful gesture.  And you can’t phone this gift-giving in!  You really have to think about balancing practicality and fun.

Personalized Wine Glasses make a tasteful housewarming gift.

One area your friend may need your help with is drinking.  He or she may not have any new glasses at the new place or they could have all broke in transit.  Click here to check out some neat drink gifts.  You can either be classy and helpful with your gift, like a Personalized Wine Glass.  Or, you can be hysterical and get Red Cup Wine Glasses, which look just like solo cups–super classy.  You can click here to check those funny wine glasses.  And if you want to look into more novelty drink gifts, click here.

Lend a hand to your friend when it comes to decorating his or her new house.  There is most likely a novelty clock that will suit your buddy’s personality.  Get your friend a Personalized Sign so he or she can really put a mark on the new place.  There’s such a wide variety of signs to choose from, click here to check them out.  You can get a pub sign, theater sign, man cave sign, or even a fishing hole sign, why not.

There really are so many fun house warming gifts out there, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.  But if you get really stumped, just remember this: Chocolate Gift Basket.  Works every time.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Husband!

Buying a gift for men is always considered easy, and for good reason.  It doesn’t take much to make a man happy, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any thought put into a gift.  Husbands enjoy being treated like kings just as much as women enjoy the lifestyle of a queen.  Surprise your partner in crime with a Valentine’s Day Gift for Husbands!


Gift Baskets are not only for women!  Hit your husband’s soft spot with a Sports Gift Basket and Snack Gift Basket.  These unique gift baskets are filled with all different kinds of sports paraphernalia, accessories, and game time snacks.  Each of the headline sports are covered along with the less followed sports like fishing and hunting.  Another awesome sports gift is the PGA Gold Ball Finder Glasses.  There’s a special gift for any husband!


For the more dapper gentleman, a Personalized Cufflink is in order!  A businessman or groom can wear these cufflinks to compliment a nice suit, but dressing good starts begins with an organized closet.  Use the Closet Trouser Hanger to maintain a stable closet and classify your pants.  Or you can shoot for his sensitive side with a Valentine Mold.  These personalized bakers and pans are shaped like hearts and offer customizable massages.  Other gifts like the Personalized Fake Newspaper and the Digital Photowatch are fun choices that are guaranteed to please!


Prepare for Valentine’s Day by taking a look at our Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husbands!

Time to Move on: Retirement Gift Ideas

Everyone knew this day was coming; the day that laborious soul hangs up the office keys and heads home to retirement.  The retiree embarks on a journey of time gone and lost in the shuffle of what’s to come.  You can help make this transition easier.  Bring a smile to that newly retired person’s face or someone on the brink of retiring with a Retirement Gift!


Time plagues the mind of this anxious.  Our retirement clocks can help!  For a hearty laugh, take a look at the Whatever Clock.  This clock is a jumble of numbers meant to lighten up schedule sticklers.  Take a load off and enjoy retirement.  Don’t be a victim of appointment!  However for those still waiting for retirement, we have a Retirement Count Clock in a Beach or Golf theme.  Watch those numbers tick away towards a desired date!  Our Novelty Clocks offer a good change of pace for a home that will seem different after retirement.  We have classic Kit-Cat Clocks, Backwards Clocks, and many more.  Clock out with our gift clocks!


For a personal stamp sift through our selection of personalized retirement gifts.  During retirement, you can make wine tasting a full time hobby.  A Personalized Wine Box or Personalized Insulated Wine Cooler Tote is great for wine lovers and connoisseurs.  Personalized Wine Glasses are perfect for retirement parties and Gourmet Gift Baskets are great presents that anyone can enjoy.  A Personalized Golf Towel can come in handy on those hot summer days at the green, and a Personalized Recognition Keepsake Plate is a proper way to commemorate a new stage of life.  Do it right!


Retirement is an unpredictable road!  Make that journey easier with our Retirement Gifts.


Baskets, Balls, and Booze: 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

The 30th Birthday is another checkpoint in life.  Stomachs start to fluctuate over the waistline’s tipping point.  Families are being nurtured and the habits of your youth seem less mature by the second.  These are new times where you start to get a grip on reality and wisdom comes in from all fronts.  Our 30th Birthday Gifts celebrate this coming of age the right way!


Gift baskets provide the type of variety that keeps people on their toes!  For women, we have Spa Gift Baskets with an assortment of themes.  Everything from pedicure to aromatherapy gift sets are available.  Kick back and relax with basket gifts that include slippers, candles, pillows, lotions, sprays, and numerous spa accessories that will leave you smelling fresh and feeling comfortable.  As for the men, there’s nothing more tranquil than sitting back and watching “the game”.  This simple fact make sports gift baskets the perfect 30th birthday presents for men.  These baskets are themed after most mainstream sports like baseball and football but pastimes such as darts and fishing are well represented in our collection.  Why stop there?  Snack Gift Baskets go hand in hand with watching sports.  Popcorn, soda, potato chips!  You name it!


Personalized gifts demonstrate thought.  You took the time to customize an item to show that you truly do care.  Impress the fresh 30 year old with Personalized Champagne Labels or Personalized Shot Glasses.  The shot glasses come in different sizes and can be engraved to show an unspoken bond.  Personalized Fake Magazine and Newspaper covers are sure to draw laughs from everyone.  Also sure to entertain is the Too Young to be Old Birthday Mug that allows for people to always drink with a smile on their face.


Take a step into the second half of your life with our 30th Birthday Gifts!