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Funny Gnomes as a Gag Gift

They’re always coming up with crazy and awesome gift ideas, aren’t they?  Luckily we’re keeping up, and the latest great gift idea is funny gnomes.  Click here to check out all the Funny Gnome Gifts in all of their disturbing and delightful wonder.

Gnome on the ToiletYou may be familiar with the garden gnome figure that pops up in people’s yards, and also Travelocity ads.  You may think that the garden gnome an innocent and almost charming part of our culture.  Well, these funny gnomes will flip that notion on its head.  Take, for instance, the Stripper Garden Gnome.  This gnome gift has the classic gnome hat, the wholesome and chubby face, but is pretty much bottomless and working it on a stripper pole.  That’s the major difference between your average garden gnome and these dirty gnomes.

The funny gnomes know how to have a good time.  They are known to take up mooning as a hobby.  Click here to check out a mooning garden gnome that will light up once the night falls.  And then there’s the Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar, which you get to keep in your house.  Then again, there are some garden gnomes who get straight to business.  Click here to check out the gnome who’s sitting on the toilet.

There are even more funny gnome gifts you can enjoy simply by clicking here and checking out the collection.  Gardens will never be the same again!

Novelty Gifts – Having Fun with Gift Giving

It’s completely normal if you’ve grown bored with the same old gift giving routine.  Every year there are birthdays and holidays and it just never ends.  Instead of falling into the rut of buying the same sweater in different colors every year for various family members, break the cycle with a Novelty Gift!  Not only will everyone be smitten with your sense of humor, they will feel that you actually put some effort in gift-giving for a change.

The younger set will get a kick out of Novelty Toys.  Look carefully at your nephew and figure out just what he’ll find a riot.  Maybe he’ll go for one of the lovable Chuckle Buddies or maybe he’s more into the love-to-hate-em Annoying Monsters.  The Firefly in a Jar toy eliminates the need for trapping a harmless creature in a prison for your amusement, but still has all the amusement!

For those who are not afraid to see a few pink elephants, check out the Drink Gifts.  Drinking gifts are a fun way to make light of someone’s devotion to partying.  These are perfect for someone going off to college for the first time or for 21st Birthday Gifts.  You’ll find all the drinking accessories you could ever hope for here, from Novelty Flasks to Liquor Dispensers.

Offer to spruce up someone’s brand new iPhone with one of the Novelty iPhone Covers.  They can look like a slave to the Apple Corporation, or they can look like a slave to cupcakes with a Cupcake iPhone Cover.

Funny Novelty Gifts are really where it’s at.  Tickle a few funny bones with funny gifts.  Something like a toilet mug will really make a special someone crack a smile.

Unique gifts like any of these are a simple way to let someone know you really put some thought into picking out their gift!

Funny Novelty Gifts that Frown on Frowns!

A laugh everyday will take some kind of pain away!  It sounds too simple but it’s true.  A couple of seconds of laughter can make a world of difference in relieving any kind of stress.  However, straining that frown into a smile can be hard these days.  You’ve seen every joke, comedic bit, and potty mouthed old man there is.  You need something new to laugh at.  Crack a chuckle with one of our Funny Novelty Gifts!


We have a varied selection of Funny Novelty Gifts to keep a smile on your face!  For the businessman with a sense of humor, try a Musical Tie on for size that has playable keynotes.  This unique gift brings a new meaning to dressing with style.  Music can lighten up an office, but try and bring some relief to the bathroom with our collection of Novelty Toilet Paper!  Celebrate birthdays, deface political figures, or make your tissue glow in the dark.  Spicy foods can spell bad news for your stomach.  Turn your restroom into the Laugh Factory with a funny gift!


At times, the word “novelty” can be interchangeable with rare or one of kind!  Take a look at the unique Slide to Unlock Refrigerator Magnet.  With a design inspired by the Iphone, Apple has officially invaded our kitchens.  New parents can now have fun shopping for their newborn with a Dumbbell Baby Rattle.  Start your baby’s training early.  The world’s strongest men are born not made!  All great gifts are different from everything else!


Our Funny Novelty Gifts cross all genres of comedy!  Lift your spirits as soon as possible!

Birthday Gifts Worth the Admission!

There is always a birthday around the corner.  Whether it’s your friend, brother, cousin, or pet iguana, someone’s special day is always close by.  But, special is an understatement!  Birthdays remind us of how much time we got left, and that question can take you a number of paths.  It’s up to you to keep that question on the backburner, and you can do this by picking out an awesome Birthday Gift!


Birthday gifts for all ages are available!  Calm down a midlife crisis with a 40th Birthday Gift.  All the old and midlife jokes are covered with these funny gifts.  Old Fart Slippers are hilarious, and the Pecker Detector will bring the house down.  50th Birthday Gifts follow the same theme, while the 30th Birthday Gifts feature a number of personalized items.  The ages go up, but the healthy immaturity always stays the same!


Funny Birthday Gifts are a sure recipe for a memorable day!  Novelty Mugs are always a great choice.  They provide a timely chuckle during a tasty beverage.  Our Liquor Dispensers are for adults, but they’re sure to bring out the childish humor that keeps life fun and bearable.  These dispensers all share a common theme.  Here’s a guess: running water helps.  Birthdays should be fun, and they will be with a funny gift!


Birthdays come around once a year, but everyone has one!  Keep things fresh and liven up the celebration with one of our Birthday Gifts!

Cheer Up with a Funny Gift!

Laughter is food for the soul!  Everyday you should strive to enrich your life with positive energy, and what does the job better than a good laugh?  Take a shortcut and find hilarity by looking at our collection of Funny Gifts!


Funny Office Gifts suck the dead air out of the quiet hours at work!  Novelty Mugs offer a wide range of unique cups that everyone will enjoy.  From the Jesus Shaves Mug to the Toilet Mug, there’s a little something for everyone.  Desktop Madness Novelty Gifts are great decoration pieces for dull offices.  They are funny, and useful at the same time.  A Desktop Punching Ball is useful in a different way.  You can take out your stress and laugh away any worry.  All office gifts should be funny in some way!


For that special occasion, check out our Funny Birthday Gifts!  Chuckle Buddies are a hit with the kids.  Laughter is contagious and these talking toys provide plenty of it.  Toilet paper, liquor dispensers, night-lights, and more also do the job of brightening up anyone’s day.  On the note of notable days, our collection of Funny Christmas Gifts is just in time.  Reindeer and Santa candy dispensers are hilarious, and should make Christmas celebrations that much easier!


Funny Gag Gifts are ideal for pranks!  Friends with a sense of humor will die laughing at the assortment of gifts.  No one can resist the urge to bust out laughing at the sight of the Weener Kleener Soap, Butt Face Soap, the Redneck Horn, or the funny clocks!  That’s only a fraction of our selection.  How funny is that?


Grab a Funny Gift and uplift the spirits of any Depressed David drowning his distress in dreadful drinks!

Unusual Gifts for Normal People

Be different!  Every holiday you receive the same tie and cuff links, but in a different color or pattern.  However, don’t act like you’re always the victim.  You too have probably given little into the gifts you give.  One hundred dollars says that for Father’s Day, you surprised your father with a coffee mug, cologne, or a collared shirt.  Switch it up once in a while and search for a gift that is out of the ordinary in our collection of Unusual Gifts!


Unusual Gifts for Him is a selection of neat items that is sure to draw the interest of any man.  Our Desktop Madness Novelty Gifts look great in offices or house dens.  The Cell Phone Hand Holder and Hand Pen Holder hold your pens and phone in a cool hand design sculpted in the shape of a real hand in a cupping position.  For those with a sense of humor, take a look at the Eject-A-Putt Golf gift that pushes the ball right out of the hole.  The Weener Kleener Soap is a soap ring that may be a joke to some but fun for others.  Our Liquor Dispensers are always a guaranteed laugh.  The Peeing Santa Liquor Dispenser is a lewd holiday gift that shows you Santa Clause like you’ve never seen him before.  All of these items are great gag gifts that will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing!


The women get the first and last laugh in our collection of Unusual Gifts for Her.  My Sexy Little Pole is a home stripper pole that will draw more than just laughs.  The Yummy Pockets collection of zipper pouches and coin purses are designed to look like tasty foods such as hamburgers, pizza, sushi, and more.  There is a great variety of Unusual Gifts.  The Barbecue Grill Towel will make you hungry and the Crime Scene Dead Body Beach Towel might attract detectives.  Both are undeniably unique, and that’s not even it.  There are many more Unusual Gifts for Her that should interest you.


Don’t forget to check out the Unusual Kids Gifts and Geek Gifts.  Pop up with an Unusual Gift at an unexpected time and make someone’s day!