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Making Father’s Day Special with Personalized Dad Gifts

June 16, 2013 will be here before you know it!  And this year, you’re going to be prepared.  No more last-minute purchasing beef jerky at the gas station and giving it to Dad on the second Sunday in June with the only card remaining at the drug store that’s probably in Spanish.  Your padre deserves a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that shows how much you care!

Personalized Dad Frame

The Personalized Dad Frame will touch his heart.

One direction you can go in is the Personalized Dad Gift route.  Click here to check out some of those cool gifts.  Putting Dad’s name on an already unique gift is enough to make it sky-rocket to a place of honor in his mind.  The Personalized Picture Frame is a great way to go.  You’ll get bonus sentimentality points if you include a picture of you and your Dad and possibly some siblings, if applicable.  You can choose your favorite style from our collection to find a personalized frame that will really speak to your Dad.

You can also go in a very classic and stylish direction when buying a gift for your Dad.  The Personalized Money Clip is much cooler than a wallet for Dad’s special day.  Check out all the styles we have to offer, and you’ll find something to fit your Father’s lifestyle.  The Personalized Cufflinks are also quite classy, and will kick your Dad’s look up a notch.  Click here to check out the sharp personalized cuff-links.

Even household objects can be great personalized gifts, like personalized ice cream bowls.  And you can celebrate Dad’s love of sports with a Personalized MLB Mug or NFL Mug.

The important thing is to put thought into Dad’s gift.  He’ll love that you put some effort into getting something he’ll really enjoy!

Show How Much You Care with Cool Gifts for Dad!

June 17th is getting closer and closer. No, it’s not a religious holiday. And it probably won’t get you off of work. It’s Father’s Day! It’s the one day of the year dedicated to showing your father how much you care! Have you gotten Dad a cool Father’s Day gift yet? No? Don’t worry and definitely don’t go to a convenience store and get him yet anothergift card. Do you know what gift cards say on Father’s Day? One of three things:

It doesn’t get more personal than personalized meat.

A. Even though I have literally known you my entire life, I don’t know you well enough to pick a gift for you. Sorry.

B. I’m lazy, but I’ve noticed that you buy things at this one place all the time. Keep doing that. You seem to enjoy it.

C. I just found out it was Father’s Day this morning.

Skip the gift card this holiday and try one of our Cool Gifts for Dad! Dads come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. From the total jock dad to the academic intellectual, we’ve got a gift that will bring a smile to his face. For dads who love the grill, try our Personalized Branding Iron or BBQ Sword Pitch Fork. With these items, he can write cute messages in the next sirloin he serves like “best steak ever” or “probably burnt.” With the Sword Pitch Fork he can be swashbuckling on the high seas of barbecue sauce in no time.

For a dad who needs a little help organizing, buy the Closet Trouser Organizer or Doorknob Organizer. Do you have the type of father who picks up clothes from the floor and smells them to see if they’re clean? Or whose desk looks like a war zone? These helpful gifts will keep him organized and make him more efficient at work or at home.

A nature-loving papa will love our Fascination City Lights Globe, Moon Clock, or Nature’s Fire Volcano. These items will add some flair and personality to his home office or bedroom.

Show Dad that you really pay attention by getting him a gift he’s sure to enjoy. With one of our Father’s Day gifts and a thoughtful card from you, he’ll be the coolest dad in town and, more importantly, he’ll be the happiest.

Funny Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is the perfect time to test the old man!  For your whole life, he put up a tough exterior to keep you from worrying.  The big guy stood tall with a stone face and showed no emotion.  Take a look at our collection of Funny Gifts for Dad, and see if he’ll crack a smile, laugh, or cry when you surprise him with one of our items!


Time is precious to a man.  The football game starts at a certain hour and the beers must be ice cold.  Keep your father on schedule with one of these spiffy Novelty Watches!  These watches range from funny to psychedelic.  A Dali Watch may send your father into the Twilight Zone, but at least he’ll be on time.  As for the drinks, get the party started with a Bottle Opener Ring.  These novelty rings feature fun designs and can remove bottle caps in an instant.  Make dad’s life easier with one of these fun gifts!


The theme of drinks continues with our Liquor Dispensers.  Every party amenity plays a part in the party’s success.  These funny dispensers show a little boy, an old geezer, and Santa Clause taking a whiz.  Once the drinks start to kick in, everyone will find these drinking gifts to be the funniest things in the world.  After a night of drinking, the old man may be due for a pit stop at the restroom.  Keep his bathroom equipped with our Novelty Toilet Paper.  Leave a campaign trail of a different kind on these hilarious sheets of toilet tissue!


Your search for the perfect present stops at our collection of Funny Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is Coming Up! Make A Memory With Your Dad

This Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day. I know! I can’t believe it’s come around again either! Doesn’t the routine go something like this: every year, on the third Sunday in June, it’s a scramble to find a tie your father doesn’t have yet – did you get the blue striped one last year? How about the red? Does dad even like paisley? Let’s stop that madness now! Instead of another generic gift, why not get your dad something meaningful, from the heart? Why not make a new memory with the man (or men) who helped make you into the person you are today?


Whether you’re paying tribute to your father, step-father, grandfather, or another man who means a lot to you, the best gift you can give is something that brings back thoughts of a great time. Does your dad like cooking outdoors? Is he a grill master (or does he just think he is)? Get your dad a personalized BBQ platter and set of personalized grilling tools, and there’ll be shrimp on the barbie in no time! I know no one can grill better than my dad (feel free to challenge me in the comments!) – I might just get him one of our fun grilling tools this year! The best part about a personalized BBQ gift is that the more grilling tools you give your dad, the more likely it is that he’ll cook you delicious food! My ulterior motive revealed!


Once dinner is over, grill cooling, and personalized aprons sufficiently covered in BBQ sauce, it’s time for some more fun together as a family. Why not play a fun board game, like Password or Loaded Questions? We have party games, word games, family games, educational games, and strategy games – there’s something for each and every one’s tastes. You can even Make Your Own Opoly, by personalizing the blank squares to create your own version of the classic board game! Make your own board game, customizing the board to be about your family, your interests, or even all about Dad.


Of course, these are only suggestions – you know best what your dad likes, so poke around our Father’s Day gift section and see if anything catches your fancy!


Happy shopping, and happy Father’s Day! Stop back later in the week when we share our own favorite memories we have of our Dads!