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Simmer Down with a Drink Gift!

Sometimes you just have to kick back and enjoy a nice drink!  During the cold months, the days seem shorter and the windy chills restrict certain avenues of fun.  Gather your closest companions, and enjoy a drink of whatever your tongue craves, but make sure you grab one of our Drink Gifts to make the night that much better!


Shot Glasses are essential for any gathering that features alcohol!  Our shot glasses range from tall to funny, and we also offer personalized shot glasses.  If liquor is not your idea of a good time, take a look at our Beer Making Kits.  Mr. Beer allows you to brew beer from the comfort of your own home.  Don’t stop there!  Once you make the beer, you have to find a place to pour it.  The King of the Grill Beer Mug will keep your drink cold, and boasts an ample capacity to quench your thirst!  Choices, choices, choices!


Novelty Flasks are incredibly creative and handy when that monkey starts wearing down on your shoulders!  We have various flasks with different entertaining themes.  One in particular might stir the pot!  The Bible Flask stashes your secret drink in the holy book so that you can drink with a repentant heart.  Other gifts that are more than noteworthy include: the Wind Up Drunkards, No Drinking Til’ 5 Clock, and much more.  Have fun and drink with a sense of humor!


Alcohol can be fun when used wisely and in moderation!  Double the fun, and enhance the whole experience with a fun and creative Drink Gift!