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Christening Gifts for the Big Day

You don’t need us to tell you how special the Christening is. This is the first big event surrounding the new baby.  The whole family is there to witness the innocence and promise of the brand new addition.  While that much is obvious, it may not always be obvious what the appropriate gift should be.  This is why we are here to help. With an entire section devoted to Christening Gifts, you’ll find something here that’s perfect for the big event.

The Baptism Gifts are just as much for the parents as they are for the baby.  They want to revel in the perfection that is their progeny, and the perfect way to do that is give them something that will preserve how the image of their baby on Baptism day.  The Personalized Christening Photo Album is the perfect way to do just that.  This personalized gift allows you to pack so many photos and memories into one beautiful photo album.  The outside of this personalized photo album captures the beauty of the Baptism ceremony and the little one it’s all about.  Personalized Baby Keepsake Boxes similarly can capture the baby at this precious time.  The Baby Memory Box will be something that the parents of the newborn will cherish.

Of course, religious gifts are in order for the event.  Something like a Personalized Baptism Cross, this one with a verse from the Acts of the Apostles, is a Christian gift that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.  After all, the baby is going to have any memory of his or her own, so these Baptism gifts will mean so much when the baby is all grown up and can appreciate all the love and thought put in to that day.

Funny Novelty Gifts that Frown on Frowns!

A laugh everyday will take some kind of pain away!  It sounds too simple but it’s true.  A couple of seconds of laughter can make a world of difference in relieving any kind of stress.  However, straining that frown into a smile can be hard these days.  You’ve seen every joke, comedic bit, and potty mouthed old man there is.  You need something new to laugh at.  Crack a chuckle with one of our Funny Novelty Gifts!


We have a varied selection of Funny Novelty Gifts to keep a smile on your face!  For the businessman with a sense of humor, try a Musical Tie on for size that has playable keynotes.  This unique gift brings a new meaning to dressing with style.  Music can lighten up an office, but try and bring some relief to the bathroom with our collection of Novelty Toilet Paper!  Celebrate birthdays, deface political figures, or make your tissue glow in the dark.  Spicy foods can spell bad news for your stomach.  Turn your restroom into the Laugh Factory with a funny gift!


At times, the word “novelty” can be interchangeable with rare or one of kind!  Take a look at the unique Slide to Unlock Refrigerator Magnet.  With a design inspired by the Iphone, Apple has officially invaded our kitchens.  New parents can now have fun shopping for their newborn with a Dumbbell Baby Rattle.  Start your baby’s training early.  The world’s strongest men are born not made!  All great gifts are different from everything else!


Our Funny Novelty Gifts cross all genres of comedy!  Lift your spirits as soon as possible!

For Pete’s sake, try our Keepsakes!

Keepsakes protect a lifetime of memories.  Gifts that last the long haul hold great sentimental value and can help turn any household into a home.  Enrich your family and friends with a gift that shows them how much you care.  Don’t look for a one time only gift, search for that special item in our collection of Keepsakes!


Start a gift giving tradition from birth!  When they get older, your children will want to look back and put together clues of their infant experience.  The Day You Were Born Newspaper is a great reminder of a date of birth.  This personalized gift makes it easier to reminisce on your baby’s birth date and remember what was going on in the world at the time.  Handprint Gifts provide great relics from a child’s past.  A Pop Art Canvas Baby Handprint Set comes in blue and pink.  These sets can be customized with a baby’s handprint and used to decorate rooms.  A Photo and Footprint Baby Book shows your infant’s prints and contains journal pages to document every step of growth.  Try a keepsake that will last from childhood to adulthood!


Collectibles  increase in value as time goes on.  We have a selection of Old Magazines for the old timers or people interested in past publications such as Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and more.  Movie memorabilia is perfect for the movie buffs.  Photographs and collectibles of classic and contemporary movie stars are available and waiting to be framed.  To store these keepsakes, check out our Baby Time Capsule or Weeding Time Capsule.  Both are used to collect milestones and build up tangible memories during life’s journey.


Try our Keepsakes for the sake of nostalgia!