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Golden Gifts: 50th Anniversary Mementos

The 50th anniversary marks a half of a century partnership rooted in love and sustained through endurance.  That’s incredible!  Wars between countries have come and gone.  Simple in house spats over empty juice cartons left in the fridge loosened that tied knot, but you tightened it time and time again.  50 years of matrimony is an occasion that should be commemorated.  You and your partner have been through everything and seen it all.  Celebrate this day with our 50th anniversary collection!


A 50th anniversary gathering is made easy and elegant with our festive supplies.  Our Personalized Champagne Labels put your own unique stamp on the bottle of your choice.  The custom label displays the names of you and your spouse, date of marriage, and a personal message to put your devotion into words.  50th anniversary flutes with 22k gold inscriptions and cake server set are available so you can toast to the occasion with class and enjoy it with a bite of cake.  Cake toppers come in either rhinestone or acrylic, with an option to get a custom acrylic topper.  Document that day with a 50th anniversary guestbook that leaves space for heartfelt message from guests.


Photographs are the most tangible holders of memories.  Cherish those special moments with our 50th Anniversary Frames with gold embossed lettering.  Place these in your office or on a mantle top to relive the good life and times shared with that special someone.


50 years is a blessing!  This milestone needs to be honored with keepsakes that signify your love!