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Personalized Child Career Costumes

Career costumes for kids are fun to wear as child Halloween costumes. But what can make kids career costumes even cooler is when they are personalized costumes! All of the career Halloween costumes discussed in this post can be personalized with up to 14 characters so that the child’s name will be embroidered right on the child costume. Career Halloween costumes are definitely good kids costume ideas!


To the left is the personalized child magician costume that is a great child Halloween costume. This magician costume for kids comes with a cape, top hat, white gloves, vest, and even a magic wand, which is necessary to hold when saying the magic words. Plus there are lots of secret pockets inside of the cape, making it possible to perform all sorts of neat magic tricks while wearing this kids magician costume.

It’s not necessary to be a magician in order to do that something that is mind-blowing. When it comes to childrens costumes, the coolest way to have on a kids Halloween costume that is out of this world is by wearing the personalized child astronaut costume. Actually traveling to space isn’t necessary in order to wear this kids astronaut costume that will stretch a child’s imagination beyond the limits of Earth! Click here to see it.

If flying is a child’s passion but they don’t want to leave the planet, then the air force pilot costume is an awesome choice.  If they have their eyes set on a “practical” career, then the personalized child doctor costume is more ideal.

Check out all of our personalized costumes for kids here.


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