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Personalized Posters

So you’ve decided that you want to give a personalized gift to that special child in your life. That’s a great choice to make! But now you are on the search for the best personalized gift ideas. Luckily, you have come to the right place because personalized kids gifts are our specialty. Kids personalized gifts should be something that children will cherish for longer than the few minutes following opening their present. Personalized posters are the way to go! These unique personalized gifts can be hung on their bedroom wall so kids will always be reminded of how much you care for them!

 To the left is a fairy poster that is simply the cutest item in the category of personalized gifts for girls. This custom poster pictures a fairy sitting on a roof top. The child’s name will appear in the nighttime sky in the form of stars right above the fairy’s glowing wand!


Of course, girls aren’t the only ones who can enjoy custom posters. Print posters are also great personalized gifts for boys. We have several personalized posters that are appropriate for both genders. For example, any fan or player of soccer would appreciate this personalized poster that features a soccer ball with fire coming from it. The child’s name will be displayed amid the flames. Check it out here.

Personalized gifts for children are great to give for any occasion. We’ve got poster prints for every holiday such as for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day in addition to other cool designs that kids will love to see on their wall all year round! Click here to see them all.

Funny Gag Gifts

They say that laughing is the best medicine, so funny gifts are the cure for any disease! If you know someone who is getting up there in age or someone who simply drinks so often it’s like they are strictly adhering to a prescription, then any of these gag gifts will be perfect for getting laughs out of them. Plus, you know that they’ll use these funny novelty gifts again and again!

To the left is the prescription beer koozie. The instructions on this prescription bottle koozie are: “Take one can by mouth, repeat until intoxicated.” Seems pretty legit. As far as funny gift ideas go, this gag gift is quite practical for anyone who always has a cold six pack waiting to be guzzled down in their fridge. What’s even more hilarious about this funny koozie is what’s written on the bottom: “Liquid happiness 12oz. Qty: As many as you can stomach.” To be on the safe side, make sure there’s always a trash can nearby when this funny gift is in use.

If you know someone who doesn’t drink alcohol but instead has an addiction to another type of beverage, then the prescription coffee mug allows them to also be in on the laughs. Check it out here. When it comes to funny coffee mugs, this novelty mug is the most pharmaceutical of them all! The directions on the mug are as follows: “Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert.”

If you want even more unique gift ideas, click here to see all of our novelty gifts.

Halloween Dishes

Halloween is on October 31st. Of course, you are probably already aware of this well known fact. What you may not realize is that there is more to this fall holiday than just costumes. Want to give Halloween presents to your loved ones this year? Then personalized Halloween gifts are the way to go!

To the left is the personalized platter that has a Halloween theme. Covered in witches, ghosts, witches and bats, this Halloween plate is perfect for serving food during the month of October to really get into the spirit of the spooky holiday. You can personalize the platter with two lines of text for a special touch.


Click here to see the Halloween bowl that has a theme design comprised of candy corn, jack-o-lanterns, and more pictured both on the inside and outside of the bowl. Just like the Halloween platter, this personalized bowl can be customized with two lines of text. This Halloween dish is great for holding treats!

We’ve got plenty of more options when it comes to Halloween serveware. Check out the personalized pitcher that can be used to serve creepy beverages to your party guests! The pitcher features a scary skull and crossbones surrounded by little bats.

If you know someone whose favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, then they will certainly love any of these Halloween dishes that are cuter than they are scary.


Personalized Cookie Jars

Have you ever snuck down to the kitchen when you’ve got a late night craving? Perhaps you were tossing and turning in your bed and realized you would never be able to fall back asleep until your growling stomach felt fully satisfied. If that sweet tooth of yours often gets the better of you, then you have probably stuck your hand into a cookie jar too many times to count. If any of these things apply to you or someone you know, then we’ve got some great personalized gift ideas for you!

Halloween is about more than just costumes and candy. When October 31st is right around the corner, this Halloween cookie jar is the perfect thing to set out on the counter. A picture of a witch flying on a broomstick is displayed front and center, with the words “Happy Halloween” on top. Underneath the jar the recipient’s name will be printed. This Halloween gift is a great present for a family.


Do you know what holiday is after Halloween? Wait, there is Thanksgiving in November, isn’t there? Well, besides that next up is Christmas and no one loves cookies more than Santa Claus. You can personalize the Christmas cookie jar that features the bearded sleigh-riding man’s smiling face!

A special holiday isn’t the only reason to provide easy access to cookies. Click here to see the monogrammed cookie jar. Instead of a cartoon picture, a large initial will be featured on the outside of the jar, with the family’s last name printed in smaller print underneath.

Check out all of our personalized cookie jars that are great kitchen gifts. There’s one for every occasion!