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Bringing Your House into the Future with Home Gadgets

It’s 2013.  It’s time to start living in the future they imagined 50 years ago.  Our year begins the number 2, we need to have as many electronics at our beck and call for a variety tasks.  Check out right here for some pretty great Home Gadgets.

When you have a Solar Weather Station, you have no need for the weather channel.

You know you want your own Weather Station.  Break away from “the man” over at the Weather Channel.  Rage against the machine that is television meteorology with this machine.  Click here to check out a Solar Digital Window Thermometer, which is the epitome of modern society. This weather station has evolved past dependence on fossil fuels.  You’ll mind will be blown when checking the weather on this weather station that’s suction cupped to your window and uses the power of the sun.  And anyone time traveling from 100 years ago will faint when they see the Weather Station Keychain.

We’re in the future.  There is no point in drinking coffee out of a normal mug when you can have one that plugs into an outlet.  Click here to have your mind blown by the Stainless Steel Smart Mug with Temperature Control.  You select your desired temperature and then this mug made of witchcraft will alert you when it gets to that temperature.


Time to Think About Unique Mother’s Day Gifts!

This year is flying by–it’s already mid-April, the next thing you know it’s May, and then it’s Mother’s Day!  For one Sunday in May you get to celebrate Mom in the best way possible.  Somewhere in between breakfast in bed and a progeny-produced play is gift-giving.  She’s your Mom, so she’s going to love whatever you give her, but you know you want to give her the perfect gift, anyway.  Allow us to help!  Click here to check out some Unique Mother’s Day gifts that both you and Mom will love.


Mom is a 3 letter word for Love.

Personalized Picture Frames for Mom are pretty much a guaranteed home-run.  The frames themselves have lovely designs, and they are made about 3000 times better with a picture of all the kids, either by themselves or with Mom.  Along the same lines, a photo bag lets Mom show off her beautiful little ones while she’s on the go.  Click here to check out all sorts of photo bags in different styles and colors.

Anything Mom can add to the household that represents your familial love and appreciation for all she does will be adored by Mom.  ”Mom is a 3 letter word for love” is inscribed on the platter pictured here, and you can click here to check that Mother’s Day gift out.  Fill the tray up with homemade cookies and you’ll have a unique mother’s day gift that’s also yummy.  Or, fill a personalized cookie jar with homemade cookies to express your love.  And if you can’t bake, that’s alright, we have plenty of Mother’s Day Gifts to impress Mom!

Batter Up: Personalized Baseball Gifts

So now that it’s officially baseball season, it’s time to let everyone know who loves baseball–YOU.  You love baseball.  And what’s the best way to let everyone know how devoted to baseball you are is with personalized baseball gifts!  Slap your name on a baseball gift and it will quickly become your favorite part of your house.  OR slap someone else’s name on a personalized gift and it’s perfect for a baseball lover in your life!  Click here to check out the Personalized Baseball Gifts and keep reading to convince yourself that you truly need one.

Personalized Baseball Pub Sign fits right in with your decor

Baseball fans of all ages can find a personalized baseball gift to root for.  The up-and-coming baseball fans, and all-star athletes, will find something to love among the personalized baseball gifts.  Personalized baseball signs, like the one pictured here, are a great way to let everyone who comes into your home know how much you love America’s pastime.  Baseball signs like that one have a sort of patriotic flair, further emphasizing the sport’s connection to the country.  A personalized baseball frame has a similar effect, and it’s the perfect place for a picture of you and your team!

There’s also plenty of sports memorabilia to keep your place looking awesome.  Click here to check out baseball collectibles that will make you the envy of every baseball fan you know.  Signed baseballs and plenty more are categorized by team, so it’s a cinch to find exactly the baseball gift yo want.  Treat yourself, or someone else, to a gift that represents the game you are most passionate about!