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Easter Baskets – Fun and Delicious

Easter is second only to Halloween when it comes to getting showered with treats!  You have chocolate bunnies, peeps, egg-shaped candies, to name a few.  Instead of knocking on stranger’s doors and threatening them for candy, Easter candy is presented in a delightful Easter basket.  You can see some of the coolest Easter Baskets out there by clicking here.

A lovely Easter Basket will be well received.

The Easter Gift Basket is as much about presentation as it is deliciousness and fun.  The Easter Festival Deluxe Gift Basket, for example, features treats and goodies artfully arranged in a traditional basket.  This Easter basket has so much to offer, including a plush Easter bunny, peeps, a wrapped chocolate bunny, and much much more.  Meanwhile, if you click here to check out the Ultimate Easter Gift Basket, you’ll notice it’s presented in a green planter.  It’s a fun twist on the classic Easter Basket, while still providing happiness in the form of chocolate, cookies, Jelly Belly beans, and much more.

Other Easter baskets think outside the box, sort of pun intended.  The Easter Care Package lets you send all the standard Easter goodies in a convenient box to that special someone you can’t see on Easter.  You can also spread the Easter joy in the form of a giant fortune cookie, why not?  Click here to check out a giant fortune cookie, which is actually a personalized Easter gift.  You get to write your own greeting or fortune that will go inside the giant Easter fortune cookie.  Don’t limit yourself when it comes to getting Easter gifts!

Funny Gnomes as a Gag Gift

They’re always coming up with crazy and awesome gift ideas, aren’t they?  Luckily we’re keeping up, and the latest great gift idea is funny gnomes.  Click here to check out all the Funny Gnome Gifts in all of their disturbing and delightful wonder.

Gnome on the ToiletYou may be familiar with the garden gnome figure that pops up in people’s yards, and also Travelocity ads.  You may think that the garden gnome an innocent and almost charming part of our culture.  Well, these funny gnomes will flip that notion on its head.  Take, for instance, the Stripper Garden Gnome.  This gnome gift has the classic gnome hat, the wholesome and chubby face, but is pretty much bottomless and working it on a stripper pole.  That’s the major difference between your average garden gnome and these dirty gnomes.

The funny gnomes know how to have a good time.  They are known to take up mooning as a hobby.  Click here to check out a mooning garden gnome that will light up once the night falls.  And then there’s the Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar, which you get to keep in your house.  Then again, there are some garden gnomes who get straight to business.  Click here to check out the gnome who’s sitting on the toilet.

There are even more funny gnome gifts you can enjoy simply by clicking here and checking out the collection.  Gardens will never be the same again!

The Ultimate Housewarming Gift Guide

Your friend just moved into a new place and you need to find the perfect way to say “Congratulations!” and “Good luck in your new home!”  We call those housewarming gifts, and even if your buddy isn’t throwing a housewarming party, you can still get a gift as a thoughtful gesture.  And you can’t phone this gift-giving in!  You really have to think about balancing practicality and fun.

Personalized Wine Glasses make a tasteful housewarming gift.

One area your friend may need your help with is drinking.  He or she may not have any new glasses at the new place or they could have all broke in transit.  Click here to check out some neat drink gifts.  You can either be classy and helpful with your gift, like a Personalized Wine Glass.  Or, you can be hysterical and get Red Cup Wine Glasses, which look just like solo cups–super classy.  You can click here to check those funny wine glasses.  And if you want to look into more novelty drink gifts, click here.

Lend a hand to your friend when it comes to decorating his or her new house.  There is most likely a novelty clock that will suit your buddy’s personality.  Get your friend a Personalized Sign so he or she can really put a mark on the new place.  There’s such a wide variety of signs to choose from, click here to check them out.  You can get a pub sign, theater sign, man cave sign, or even a fishing hole sign, why not.

There really are so many fun house warming gifts out there, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.  But if you get really stumped, just remember this: Chocolate Gift Basket.  Works every time.