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Personalized Irish Gifts for St. Patrick’s Day and the Rest of Your Life!

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and you definitely need some Irish gifts to really celebrate!  Because what you need for March 17th is some Guinness, green clothing, and a Personalized St. Patrick’s Day Gift.  Great for a family gift or for your favorite Irish friend, these trinkets will delight just about anyone.

St. Patrick’s Day is in how many days?

First up, we have the St. Patrick’s Day Countdown Clock–click here to check that out.  The good thing about this is that it’s appropriate all year long.  Complete your basement pub or family room with this awesome decoration.  Everyone will know that you always have that fabulous holiday on your mind when you have this Irish sign proudly displayed on your wall.

Next we have the Personalized St. Patrick’s Day Watches that are all kinds of fun. You’ll love the adorable leprechaun design on these Irish watches.  The fun loving leprechaun is so excited to be a part of your watch, and he’s accompanied by his two favorite things–a rainbow and a pot of gold.  This personalized watch is going to be your own personal pot of gold come St. Patrick’s Day.  These watches are great for kids, but will be loved by people of all ages.  You are encouraged to rock this Irish watch on St. Patrick’s day, but why not wear it all year long?

Food and drinks are obviously a big part of St. Patrick’s Day.  Corned beef, anyone?  Cabbage?  Potatoes?  Scones and soda bread?  Beer?  All delicious.  And these yummy treats are made all the more delicious when presented on a Personalized Irish Platter.  Click here to check out the Personalized Irish Beer Mugs for all your alcohol needs.  These Irish gifts will get the party started in a big way!

The Girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day Gift

Getting the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend can seem like a daunting task.  Isn’t there so much pressure?  What if she hates it?  Is this Valentines gift going to be a reflection of how I feel about her?  What if I over-think it?  What if I under-think it?  Well, you should relax.  Picking out a Valentines gift is actually an enjoyable experience!

An Adorable Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

You could go any number of directions when deciding what Valentine’s day gift to get.  Chocolate and flowers?  That’s tried and true.  Click here to check out some Valentines Day Gift Baskets that pack all those romantic gifts into one convenient location.   Teddy bears,  chocolates, and conversation hearts are all available in one of these romantic gift baskets.

A personalized gift is a great way to show your beloved that she’s the only one on your mind.  Click here to check out the Personalized Romantic Mugs.  You’ll make morning coffee extra sweet.  The Personalized Couple Frame is the only place for a lovely picture of the two of you, obviously.

Jewelry is also a classic romantic gift for Valentines Day.  Personalized jewelry is even more special.  Click here for a beautiful personalized bracelet that has a heart for her initial.  It will quickly become a staple of your girlfriend’s look.  And the Engraved Heart Necklace is also a great way to go.

Good luck this Valentine’s day!  If you choose any of these romantic gifts, you are  definitely going the right way.