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Baby’s First Halloween – Baby Costumes

Whether you’re a new parent, or you are welcoming a new addition to the brood, picking out a baby costume can be a delight.  Pretty much any direction you choose to go will produce a picture-perfect Halloween memory.  While this is a huge plus, it can be quite difficult to actually pick out a baby Halloween costume because of all the choices.  Before you get overwhelmed, just know that every choice is a win.

A few classic costume options for babies are worth considering, even if you’re afraid of being unoriginal.  A pumpkin costume is always a crowd-pleaser, and if you click here you can take a look at an adorable example.  And Baby Crayola Crayon Costumes will surely never go out of style.  Your favorite color is also conveniently the baby’s favorite color when he or she can’t really say no to you yet! This is a holiday almost entirely devoted to acquiring candy, so it makes perfect sense to invest in some candy costumes.  And Baby Candy Costumes, like this Tootsie Roll one, really puts the “fun” in “fun size.”

But if you’re looking to be a funky parent this Halloween, then consider some off-beat baby Halloween costumes.  This Baby Skeleton Costume is a cheeky nod to the scariness of Halloween, while still remaining adorable.  It’s perfect for the intense Halloween parents!  And click here to check out the Baby Sock Monkey costume which is just plain adorable.

While ghosts and skulls are definitely an important part of Halloween, we all know the truth. Halloween is also secretly about showing off your baby to the whole neighborhood.  Get into the spirit with the best baby Halloween costume you can find!