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Not a Kid Anymore — Teen Costumes

Being a teen at Halloween is sort of like being at a crossroads.  You’ve outgrown trick-or-treating, but you’re not yet partying with alcohol (right?!) and you also aren’t taking your own children trick-or-treating yet.  But there’s still a part of you that wants to take part.  You want to put on a costume and celebrate!  And there’s no shame in that.  Putting on a costume is crazy fun, and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do it.  Maybe your high school is letting you dress up for the day, or you’re throwing a Halloween party.  You’ll be glad to make an excuse to be something else for the day!

The Teen Peacock costume will get you noticed.

Click here to check out Halloween costumes for teens, ones that were designed specifically with you in mind.  They combine all the fun of Halloween with the slick sensibility of being a teenager.  Something like this Peacock costume will be perfect for your Halloween celebrations.  It’s just sophisticated and stylish enough, while still being a peacock costume.

And if style is important to you, costume dresses are the way to go.  Click here to check out the candy costumes, which are adorable tank dresses made to look like candy wrappers.  And everyone knows that Halloween and candy go hand in hand.  You’ll be the sweetest one at the Halloween party!

At the other end of the spectrum, you can embrace your power with a superhero costume.  Check out the Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman costumes that match your own inner fierceness.

Just because you’re at the point in your life that you’re trying to be cool, that doesn’t mean you can’t fully embrace Halloween!

Personalize Your Halloween

Halloween is so much more than gorging yourself on candy and wearing possibly compromising costumes!  This is a time to celebrate with people you love, and at the very least, like.  If you’re already totally into the Halloween spirit, then this blog post is perfect for you.  And, if you’re kind of already over it, then it is now my job to turn your attitude around with some fun Halloween gifts.

Throw a family Halloween party this year!  Get the whole clan together, plus some friends and maybe the neighbors and fully embrace everything spooky.  Our Pinterest board “Halloween” links to lots of great Halloween recipes and party ideas, in case you need some inspiration.  To really get your family Halloween party to pop, check out our site for some Personalized Halloween Platters.  They have a fun design, as you can see from the image here.  And you can have them say whatever you like!  Get creative in under 40 characters!

When you’re not serving up spaghetti and meatballs, and passing them off as eyeballs and guts, in the Personailzed Halloween Platter, you’ve got to get into the Halloween spirit with basic household objects!  Throughout the month of October, you should be using almost exclusively Halloween themed products.  Keep your creepy cookies in a personalized Halloween cookie jar.  Click here to check out this personalized Halloween cookie jar which features a festive skull, bats, and black cat design.  This personalized cookie jar lets you say whatever you like.

Along those same lines is the Personalized Halloween Bowl.  Whether you’re munching on cereal, savoring ice cream, or slurping up bat brains, this personalized bowl will get you into the proper Halloween mood.

Now that you’ve thought about preparing your home for Halloween, you might want to prepare yourself by checking out some Halloween costumes, right?

First Anniversary Gifts

You’ve made it through one year.  One magical year filled with ups and downs, peaceful times and fights.  But you’ve made it through a whole year!  And whether that’s a year of going steady or being married, it’s definitely something you need to celebrate.  Make those dinner reservations, pick out the perfect outfit a week in advance, and get just the right gift.

Traditionally, the 1st anniversary is considered the year of paper.  It can be fun to think of creative ways to interpret the paper theme.  For instance, a picture frame fits the bill nicely, the photo being printed on paper, after all.  A Personalized Frame makes for a romantic and thoughtful gift.  Click here for one that can be personalized with both your names, plus your anniversary date.  This couple frame is beautiful with its “Love” inscription and clean, modern design.  Your loved one will be touched by this gesture.  A Personalized Romantic Print is also a lovely way to interpret the paper theme.  While “paper” may seem like a boring gift theme, it actually can be the platform for some rather creative gifts.

Of course, you can think outside of the traditional paper theme for your first anniversary gift.  Check out an adorable Personalized Mug here.  Your loved one can think of you each morning with some coffee!  And this Personalized Love Pillow Case Set is a beautiful addition to the home the two of you share.

You may feel some pressure to really do it up big for the first anniversary, but the important thing is to not get overwhelmed.  Often, the simplest gesture can be the most meaningful.