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Decision 2012 — Which Funny Political Gifts to Buy?

This is a highly charged political year.  And with the constant talk of primaries and polls, come the political jokes. Political discourse goes hand in hand with political satire. You may not be a Jon Stewart or a Bill Maher, but you’ll be able to get a few laughs of your own by clicking here to see some funny political gifts.

Either side of the aisle can benefit from a good laugh during these high tension days.  You may take issue with the current administration–not exactly feeling Obamacare or his foreign policy.  If that’s the case, you will take twisted joy out of using Barack Obama toilet paper.  Click here to check out that political gift.  No better way to stick it to the man than by using his face as toilet paper.

If you’re getting antsy watching the calendar, waiting for the inevitable day in which Barack Obama is denied a second term, then the Barack Obama countdown clock is calling out for you.  Set to January 20, 2013, this countdown clock lets you know just how much longer you have to endure wasteful government spending and socialized healthcare.  As you are watching the clock tick down, you may have some residual frustrations.  Relieve these frustrations with an Obama Punching Bag.  Visit here to check out all the features of the punching bag.

Since satire knows no political party, we have some political gifts for the democrats, as well.  Go here to check out the Mitt Romney toilet paper, which promises both cathartic and physical relief.  If you’re fearing what may come from a Romney/Ryan White House, take comfort in defacing Romney’s image.

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