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Parent’s Day – Celebrate Mom and Dad!

Did you know that the fourth Sunday of every July is Parent’s Day?  It’s true.  You have Bill Clinton to thank for making that the law of the land.  It’s not like we need another excuse to celebrate Mom and Dad.  They’re pretty great, right?  But whenever you’ve got the folks on the brain, it’s nice to let them know how much you care.  They may not even know that Parent’s Day is a thing, so imagine their surprise and glee when you get them a gift!  Even if you aren’t buying into the whole Parent’s Day thing, it’s important to keep birthday gifts and Mother’s and Father’s day gifts in mind, because they’ve really earned it.

For the times Dad held on to the back of your bike as you were learning to ride, there are plenty of ways to thank him with one of our gifts for dad.  The Personalized Gifts for Dad express just how unique your dad is.  Put dad’s name on a Money Clip, or a Personalized iPad Case and you’ll make your love known.

Buying Gifts for Mom can be a challenge, especially when she insists on not wanting gifts.  Moms can be like that.  Since Mom always knows just how to make the food that comforts you, treat her to a Mom’s Ice Cream Bowl.  Let her know that it’s alright to indulge every once in a while, especially if it’s with an overflowing bowl of Moose Tracks.

You know that your parents are superheroes (see: picture above) and sometimes you have to let them know that you know.  Whether it’s Parent’s Day or a birthday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, or just another Tuesday gifts for parents are a small, but meaningful, gesture of thanks.

Christening Gifts for the Big Day

You don’t need us to tell you how special the Christening is. This is the first big event surrounding the new baby.  The whole family is there to witness the innocence and promise of the brand new addition.  While that much is obvious, it may not always be obvious what the appropriate gift should be.  This is why we are here to help. With an entire section devoted to Christening Gifts, you’ll find something here that’s perfect for the big event.

The Baptism Gifts are just as much for the parents as they are for the baby.  They want to revel in the perfection that is their progeny, and the perfect way to do that is give them something that will preserve how the image of their baby on Baptism day.  The Personalized Christening Photo Album is the perfect way to do just that.  This personalized gift allows you to pack so many photos and memories into one beautiful photo album.  The outside of this personalized photo album captures the beauty of the Baptism ceremony and the little one it’s all about.  Personalized Baby Keepsake Boxes similarly can capture the baby at this precious time.  The Baby Memory Box will be something that the parents of the newborn will cherish.

Of course, religious gifts are in order for the event.  Something like a Personalized Baptism Cross, this one with a verse from the Acts of the Apostles, is a Christian gift that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.  After all, the baby is going to have any memory of his or her own, so these Baptism gifts will mean so much when the baby is all grown up and can appreciate all the love and thought put in to that day.

Novelty Gifts – Having Fun with Gift Giving

It’s completely normal if you’ve grown bored with the same old gift giving routine.  Every year there are birthdays and holidays and it just never ends.  Instead of falling into the rut of buying the same sweater in different colors every year for various family members, break the cycle with a Novelty Gift!  Not only will everyone be smitten with your sense of humor, they will feel that you actually put some effort in gift-giving for a change.

The younger set will get a kick out of Novelty Toys.  Look carefully at your nephew and figure out just what he’ll find a riot.  Maybe he’ll go for one of the lovable Chuckle Buddies or maybe he’s more into the love-to-hate-em Annoying Monsters.  The Firefly in a Jar toy eliminates the need for trapping a harmless creature in a prison for your amusement, but still has all the amusement!

For those who are not afraid to see a few pink elephants, check out the Drink Gifts.  Drinking gifts are a fun way to make light of someone’s devotion to partying.  These are perfect for someone going off to college for the first time or for 21st Birthday Gifts.  You’ll find all the drinking accessories you could ever hope for here, from Novelty Flasks to Liquor Dispensers.

Offer to spruce up someone’s brand new iPhone with one of the Novelty iPhone Covers.  They can look like a slave to the Apple Corporation, or they can look like a slave to cupcakes with a Cupcake iPhone Cover.

Funny Novelty Gifts are really where it’s at.  Tickle a few funny bones with funny gifts.  Something like a toilet mug will really make a special someone crack a smile.

Unique gifts like any of these are a simple way to let someone know you really put some thought into picking out their gift!