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Relax in the Sun with a Summer Gift Basket!

The summer season is defined by good weather and relaxation.  Kids are on vacation and looking to kill time without getting into trouble.  As a result, an extra shift is added to the parental load.  What activities will you find to occupy your children?  The answer to that question depends on the child, but once you figure it out, take a breather and enjoy a Summer Gift Basket!

Nourish your body with a Fruit Gift Basket!  Treat yourself to a healthy selection of snacks that will cool you down during the hot summer days.  Apples, oranges, pears, and more of your favorite fruits will be at your disposal.  It’s essential that you satisfy your appetite in the healthiest way possible, but every once in a while it’s okay to sneak in a different kind of snack.  The “America the Beautiful” Snack Gift Box is packed with the tastiest candies and cookies around.  Listen to your stomach and find a food basket that’s just right for you!

Cater to your plants with a Garden Gift Basket!  These baskets are filled with an assortment of supplies, tools, seeds, and snacks to make your gardening experience that much easier.  Once your garden is up to par, call the whole family over and celebrate with a barbecue.  Our BBQ Gift Sets feature everything from barbecue sauce to beer nuts.  Fun in the sun is guaranteed with these awesome gift baskets!

First, take care of the kids, and then reward yourself with a Summer Gift Basket!

Funny Gifts for Dad!

Father’s Day is the perfect time to test the old man!  For your whole life, he put up a tough exterior to keep you from worrying.  The big guy stood tall with a stone face and showed no emotion.  Take a look at our collection of Funny Gifts for Dad, and see if he’ll crack a smile, laugh, or cry when you surprise him with one of our items!


Time is precious to a man.  The football game starts at a certain hour and the beers must be ice cold.  Keep your father on schedule with one of these spiffy Novelty Watches!  These watches range from funny to psychedelic.  A Dali Watch may send your father into the Twilight Zone, but at least he’ll be on time.  As for the drinks, get the party started with a Bottle Opener Ring.  These novelty rings feature fun designs and can remove bottle caps in an instant.  Make dad’s life easier with one of these fun gifts!


The theme of drinks continues with our Liquor Dispensers.  Every party amenity plays a part in the party’s success.  These funny dispensers show a little boy, an old geezer, and Santa Clause taking a whiz.  Once the drinks start to kick in, everyone will find these drinking gifts to be the funniest things in the world.  After a night of drinking, the old man may be due for a pit stop at the restroom.  Keep his bathroom equipped with our Novelty Toilet Paper.  Leave a campaign trail of a different kind on these hilarious sheets of toilet tissue!


Your search for the perfect present stops at our collection of Funny Gifts for Dad!

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts to Remember!

As always, Mother’s Day was a warm and special day filled with love and satisfaction.  Now, it’s time for the other member of the parental unit to receive their just due.  Fathers usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to appreciation.  Fix that trend with one of our Personalized Father’s Day Gifts!


Squeeze a tear out of your father’s eyes with a Personalized Dad Frame!  Choose one of our cool picture frames and customize it with a special message for the big guy.  Every design is unique and will meld perfectly with your personal message.  Fit the photo of your choice into the custom frame and cherish the memory it represents!  A Personalized Barbecue Platter will be the perfect gift for your grill master.  Make their job easier with a personalized dish specially made for BBQ lovers.  Strengthen that family bond with a custom Father’s Day gift!


Nothing calms the nerves better than a good drink and a sporting event!  Combine the best of both worlds by giving your father a Personalized Sports Mug.  Your father can watch an NFL or MLB game and represent his favorite team with a medallion mug.  Brandished with the logo of the desired team, these custom mugs are amazing drink gifts that also offer space for personalization.  If sports are not a big deal, your father can enjoy a cold brew in a Personalized Pilsner Glass.  Once he’s had his fill, make sure the cups are placed on a Personalized Coaster Set.  Customize everything!


Show your father the appreciation he deserves by giving him one of our Father’s Day Gifts!

Protect your Phone in style with a Personalized iPhone Cover!

Scratches and scrapes can turn a brand new phone into an ugly stepchild.  It sucks; accidents happen!  Tripping up the stairs while texting has to be plain old bad luck, but there is a way to prevent your prized possession from taking damage.  Protect your phone with a Personalized iPhone Cover!


A Personalized iPhone Case presents a number of benefits.  The main benefits of these accessories are protection and style.  In a world where being different is the only way to get noticed, you have to give your phone a distinct appearance.  Take a look at the Personalized Graffiti iPhone Cover.  Grafitti was born out of a wave of descent.  Follow that trend and customize the phone cover with your initials.  Choose the design that grabs your eye.  We have leopard print, zebra print, diamond patterns, and much more.  Go for creative or patriotic.  Either way, your phone will be stylish!


The Personalized Diamond Plate iPhone Cover gives off the appearance of reinforced steel.  It’s not steel, but any of these iPhone covers still protect your phone from incidental scrapes, scratches, and damage.  Cell phone cases are necessary items in the present times because constant communication is key.  Stay ahead of the curve with a custom cell phone case!


Fashionable and practical perfectly describe these cell phone accessories.  Make a worthy investment into a Personalized iPhone Case!

Mother’s Day Gift Roundup Volume 2!

In less than a week, the roles will be reversed.  The children will have to take care of the mother.  You won’t have to change her diapers, but it wouldn’t hurt to pamper her a little bit.  Forget about the redundant Hallmark card and box of candy.  Show your mother how much she means to you with a Personalized Mother’s Day Gift!


Personalized Mother’s Day Picture Frames are heartfelt gifts that do their best to immortalize memories!  Choose from a number of splendid photo frames that offers space for personalization to complement the adorable designs.  Any mom would love a photo gift that captures the special bond between mother and child.  The Personalized Calendar and Personalized iPad Cover fall along the same lines.  These gifts are practical and display the people dearest to her at the same time.  Photo Gifts are always a safe choice!


Personalized Mother Throws are beautiful gifts!  Warm your mother’s heart and body with one of these beautiful quilts that can be customized with a special message.  Choose your words from the heart and turn this mother’s day gift into a keepsake.  Other gifts are just as special!  We have personalized cookie jars, pie plates, and different types of kitchenware to fill the kitchen.  Any of these gifts will make this Mother’s Day a special one!


Give your mom the treat she deserves by picking up one of our Mother’s Day Gifts!

Graduation Gifts to Commemorate that Special Day!

Graduation day always marks a step in the right direction!  Regardless of your uncertain future, graduation should be celebrated.  Whether the ceremony commences the completion of elementary school or college, time and thought should be put into the gift.  Take a look at our collection of Graduation Gifts, and find the perfect item!


Commemorate the next step with a Personalized Graduation Gift!  A customized gift demonstrates a different level of sincerity.  The Personalized Graduation Afghan is beautiful, classy, and should last a lifetime.  A day of this magnitude warrants a fitting gift.  Photo Keepsakes can trap a thousand words on a countertop or wall.  The walk on stage or the handoff of the diploma can be framed in an amazing photo gift, calendar, and much more.  Customize your gift and earn a sincere thank you from the lucky recipient!


Drink Gifts are reserved for the more mature graduates.  Our novelty drinking glasses present a variety of funny and creative ways to drink your beverages.  Shot glasses, wine glasses, and beer mugs can be personalized, and we have a nice assortment of novelty mugs with clever phrases and fun designs.  The Fraternity Gifts and Sorority Gifts pay homage to a strong bond made in school.  You have a choice of personalized Greek barware, sports gear, tote bags, and much more.  These gifts will help you remember your golden years!


Reward that special person with a Graduation Gift for all of their hard work!