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Funny Novelty Gifts that Frown on Frowns!

A laugh everyday will take some kind of pain away!  It sounds too simple but it’s true.  A couple of seconds of laughter can make a world of difference in relieving any kind of stress.  However, straining that frown into a smile can be hard these days.  You’ve seen every joke, comedic bit, and potty mouthed old man there is.  You need something new to laugh at.  Crack a chuckle with one of our Funny Novelty Gifts!


We have a varied selection of Funny Novelty Gifts to keep a smile on your face!  For the businessman with a sense of humor, try a Musical Tie on for size that has playable keynotes.  This unique gift brings a new meaning to dressing with style.  Music can lighten up an office, but try and bring some relief to the bathroom with our collection of Novelty Toilet Paper!  Celebrate birthdays, deface political figures, or make your tissue glow in the dark.  Spicy foods can spell bad news for your stomach.  Turn your restroom into the Laugh Factory with a funny gift!


At times, the word “novelty” can be interchangeable with rare or one of kind!  Take a look at the unique Slide to Unlock Refrigerator Magnet.  With a design inspired by the Iphone, Apple has officially invaded our kitchens.  New parents can now have fun shopping for their newborn with a Dumbbell Baby Rattle.  Start your baby’s training early.  The world’s strongest men are born not made!  All great gifts are different from everything else!


Our Funny Novelty Gifts cross all genres of comedy!  Lift your spirits as soon as possible!

A Peek at our Personalized Gifts!

A personal touch can give any gift that extra oomph of sentimentality!  A simple word, sentence, or series of letters can invoke an emotional response connected to a cherished memory.  Imagine a plain plate.  Scan the smooth surface and the contours that gleam under overhead lights.  It’s nice, but not memorable in the least.  Now picture that same plate, but with an inside joke, between you and your partner, inscribed in the center of the dish.  Every time you glance at the dish, you won’t be able to fight off a smile.  Have more moments like this by checking out our collection of Personalized Gifts!


Family comes first!  Stay true to that mantra with a Family Gift!  Every aspect of family life can be commemorated.  All of your dishware can be customized with lines of messaging and artwork to reflect the members of your family.  Personalized Plates, platters, bowls, and cookie jars can fill up your cabinets and serve a constant reminder of what you care about the most.  Every customization is personal, intimate, and better than blank space.  Personalized kitchen gifts help nourish your body and soul.  Fill out the rest of your home with personalized throws, picture frames, and much more!


Keepsakes are here to stay!  Try a gift that will last a lifetime.  Handprint Gifts lament the journey of the newest addition to your family.  The start of a new life reminds you of the old.  Encapsulate your memories into personalized photo gifts through calendars, pillows, and more.  The holiday seasons are well represented.  Personalized Christmas Ornaments can be passed on from generation to generation and coordinated to fit the whole family.  There’s not a better way to bond with your loved ones!


Protect and preserve your family structure with a Personalized Gift!

Celebrate your Irish Heritage with a Personalized St Patrick’s Day Gift!

February has just begun, but it’s not too early to think about a special day in March!  March 17 is the annual commemoration of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.  On this day, people all over the world will show their appreciation for his work with the Church, and Irish pride will be at an all-time high.  Get your celebrations in order with a Personalized St Patrick’s Day Gift!


Food is essential for any kind of celebration, but the dishware is just as important!  Serve up delicious snacks on St. Patrick’s Day with a Personalized Irish Platter.  Our Irish platters are designed with green patterns and clovers that will bless any kitchen with the luck of the Irish.  They can be customized with the family name and a special message.  If you’re looking for a gift specifically for the older generation, take a look at the Personalized Irish Grandkids Plates.  Customize the images on these plates to fit your family structure.  Grandparents will cherish these gifts!  Savor the flavor of your food and enjoy a personalized plate with a personal stamp!


Cap the night off with a cold one using a Personalized Irish Beer Mug!  There are many mugs to choose from, each with images of Irish pride and space for personalization.  These beer steins are carefully crafted with comfortable handles.  At first grip, you might think you’re in an old-fashioned pub or tavern.  Stock your cabinets with meaningful mugs!


There are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  Find your way by checking out our collection of St. Patrick’s Day Gifts!

Personalized Baby Gifts for Proud Parents!

Parents cherish their babies to undying lengths!  Whether it’s with 24/7, nose of a bloodhound attention or with a stream of toys and gifts, parents give it their all to shower their infants with the best.  Every gift has to be better than the last, and this kind of love is understandable!  Bless your newborn with a gift that has that added touch of sentimentality by looking at our Personalized Baby Gifts!


Celebrate the newest member of the family with a Personalized Baby Plate!  These personalized plates are great keepsakes that will commemorate the birth of a special child.  Birth plates can be customized with the name and size of the child.  For the military families, mark your new addition to the family as a future army brat with a Personalized Military Plate.  Choose your own branch of the military: army, navy, air force, or marines.  Customized baby plates are amazing gifts that can serve as decorations in any part of the house!


Bring your infectious style to your baby’s wardrobe with our Personalized Baby Clothes! Our Personalized Baby Dresses by Bon Bon and Garden Princess are beyond cute and comfortable.  These dresses come in an assortment of colors, and can be customized by name or initial.  Baby boys can also prepare for a fun adventure with our Personalized Overalls.  These baby outfits are adorable!


The ultimate keepsakes are pictures since they capture those special moments in time!  Trap your favorite memories with a Personalized Baby Photo Album.  Many different types of picture albums are available.  There are too many themes to name.  From roses to airplanes down to ballerinas and everything in-between, our collection has any theme you can think of.  Every photo book can be personalized to represent your baby’s likeness.  Store all of your cherished memories with a custom picture album!


Infant years are fleeting!  Treasure these years as much as possible by showering your home with Personalized Baby Gifts!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Husband!

Buying a gift for men is always considered easy, and for good reason.  It doesn’t take much to make a man happy, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any thought put into a gift.  Husbands enjoy being treated like kings just as much as women enjoy the lifestyle of a queen.  Surprise your partner in crime with a Valentine’s Day Gift for Husbands!


Gift Baskets are not only for women!  Hit your husband’s soft spot with a Sports Gift Basket and Snack Gift Basket.  These unique gift baskets are filled with all different kinds of sports paraphernalia, accessories, and game time snacks.  Each of the headline sports are covered along with the less followed sports like fishing and hunting.  Another awesome sports gift is the PGA Gold Ball Finder Glasses.  There’s a special gift for any husband!


For the more dapper gentleman, a Personalized Cufflink is in order!  A businessman or groom can wear these cufflinks to compliment a nice suit, but dressing good starts begins with an organized closet.  Use the Closet Trouser Hanger to maintain a stable closet and classify your pants.  Or you can shoot for his sensitive side with a Valentine Mold.  These personalized bakers and pans are shaped like hearts and offer customizable massages.  Other gifts like the Personalized Fake Newspaper and the Digital Photowatch are fun choices that are guaranteed to please!


Prepare for Valentine’s Day by taking a look at our Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husbands!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Wife!

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon!  Have you made plans yet, or did you completely forget about it until your read this?  Don’t worry about it too much.  There’s still time for you forgetful husbands to surprise your wives with a gift.  Begin and end your romance shopping by taking a peek at our Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wives!


Substitute or supplement a day at a spa with a Spa Gift Basket!  A full spa treatment is captured with these gift baskets for women.  Everything from bath and body products to different kinds of teas can be found in these baskets, and used for a soothing and therapeutic experience.  Enhance Valentine’s Day with a sensual cleansing!


The symbol of Valentine’s Day needs to be more present than ever!  Show how big your heart is with a Personalized Heart Gift.  These personalized pans and bakers are sculpted in the shape of a heart, and can be customized with a loving message.  Your kitchen will be filled with the scent of love and I’m sure that same spirit will trickle down to you and your loved one!  Don’t forget to about the rest of your home.  Decorate any room with a Personalized Print Poster that commemorates a couple’s special bond over a beautiful backdrop.  Personalized Cosmetic Cases, planners, and newspapers can all be customized for that added touch of intimacy!


Celebrate V-day with a special gift from the heart!  Whether it’s molded into the shape of a heart or simply heartfelt, any of our Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wives should do the trick!