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Take Control of the Clutter with a Home Organizer!

With the kids running around and the dog playing hide and seek with your personal items, the house is constantly being turned upside down.  Clothes go missing, keys get misplaced, and everything is in disarray.  Change is needed to get your life back in order!  Put everything back in their rightful place and keep them there with one of our Home Organizers!


Start your collection of Home Organizers with a treat for your closet!  We have many items that cater to the busy businessman.  The Closet Trouser Organizer is classy contraption that organizes your pants in a neat and noticeable fashion.  We can’t forget about the most important part of a suit.  The Revolving Tie Rack is a necessary addition that features a cycling function, mounts on the wall, and has a shining light for the darkness.  A Shoe Organizer is also handy, and should complete an organized closet set!


Charging Valets are the wave of the future!  It always seems like power outlets are few and far between.  That problem is solved with these charging docks that have built in power outlets and holding space for your electronic appliances.  Some of these valets also double as a coin sorter or memo board.  All-in-one products provide an awesome convenience to keep your day hassle free!


School, work, fun, family, and everything in between can be a handful at times.  A hectic life sometime manifests itself with a messy home.  Create order from the outside in with a Home Organizer!

Keep Track of your Funds with a Bank & Coin Sorter!

With the new year quickly approaching, everyone will start making their resolutions for self-improvement.  For this occasion in particular, we are here to help you.  Let’s make our own little pact.  Make a promise to yourself that you will save as much money as you can.  To make this goal easier, take a look at our collection of Coin Sorters!


Old-fashioned Money Jars have a long legacy of financial responsibility.  Our jars are digital and keep track of all the loose change you can muster.  One of our jars can sort coins into filing tubes, while another accepts dollar bills in addition to coins.  The Sort-N-Save Bank, in particular, separates each coin by the amount, but it also sports a sleek appearance that belongs in a bank.  Coin sorters are well worth the small investment!
If you want to be entertained while you save money, a Money Maze Bank should do the job!  You can place money inside one of these banks, but the only way to get it out is by solving the puzzle.  Friends and family should enjoy a maze bank.  Just make sure the prize is well worth the challenge.  Motorized Coin Sorters bring a true bank teller experience to you.  Watch coins stack, sort, and roll with efficiency.  Money sorters are even fun to watch!


Simply emptying your pockets and wallet of all the loose change is a great way to save money.  Once you get into the habit of putting away your change, the amount adds up.  By the end of the year, you’ll probably need more than one Bank & Coin Sorter, but it will be well worth it!

Novelty Mugs that will make you Spit out your Drink!

There’s a special connection that one shares with their favorite mug!  It’s an intimate relationship that shares the same bond between kissing partners.  Cups and mugs greet you in the morning and are always around to see you to sleep at night.  If you want this in your life, pick out a Novelty Mug that catches your eye!


Novelty mugs present you with the sort of freedom that makes for a happy life!  Express yourself and choose a mug that you find funny or fits your personality.  If last night’s hot wings troubles your stomach, cover your flatulence with an I Love Farting Mug.  Every time you lift this talking mug, a string of farting noises sound off.  Don’t take the blame anymore!  Another talking option is the Shut the Duck Up Mug that chatters in a duck voice.  Talking mugs are hilarious and can cheer up just about anyone!


Around Christmas time, personal gifts are expected.  We have different personalized mugs that will put a smile on your face bright and early!  These mugs are the perfect Christmas gifts between couples, and it doesn’t stop there.  There’s a heavy selection of comedic mugs such as the Jesus Shaves Mug, the Toilet Mug, the Dirty Mug, and many more.  Any of these funny mugs are great choices, and should liven up any drink you crave, even if it means a late night or early morning!


The holidays are quickly approaching and someone’s birthday is always around the corner.  Be prepared with a gift that’s guaranteed to draw at least a chuckle.  Novelty Mugs never fail!

Countdown to the New Year with a Unique Clock!

The minutes ticking away in anticipation of the New Year!  Do you have any resolutions that you can’t wait to tackle?  If so keep track of the time so you can get started with your goals as soon as the clock strikes twelve.  Watch time fly in excitement with a Unique Clock!


Our collection of Novelty Clocks put a fun twist on keeping track of time!  Find a clock that fits your personality or situation.  For the old-fashioned, our Kit-Cat Clocks tick away with a clever motion and sly face that should give everyone a taste of the early 1900’s.  Food lovers will salivate over the food wall clocks that use toppings for decorations.  There is an assortment of unusual clocks that are just for the twisted tellers of time.  The Whatever Clock, Melted Metal Clock, and the Backwards Clock are all funny and should make great additions to any household!


Wall Clocks are an essential part of any home!  Find a clock that fits or astounds you.  The Moon Clock is a stunning piece of work that puts our planet in perspective.  All different kinds of wall clocks are available to meet your satisfaction.  Sports clocks, retro clocks, Christmas clocks, classic clocks, and other genres of clocks are on hand to deck out your home.  Wall clocks get the job done!


Everything runs on time!  Don’t get left behind in the rush of life and living.  Stay attuned by equipping yourself with a Unique Clock!

Christmas Gifts Part 2

The Christmas Gifts suggestions are revved up and reloaded!  Last time, you caught wind of our splendid Personalized platters and ornaments.  Most of them were decoration pieces that should put you in the spirit.  Now we present you another list of Christmas Gifts that will help your complete your wish list!


A Christmas Story is a film that will be popular for generations!  Our collection of A Christmas Story Memorabilia will help keep the legend going.  Relive the movie by lighting up your home with a Leg Lamp similar to the one found in the movie.  To program your infants into the tradition, we also have a Leg Lamp Nightlight.  These items will help fill out any home!  Novelty Stockings will also help plant the finishing touches on this special holiday.  We have stockings that look like cowboy boots and winter boots.  A change in the decoration pattern should keep the holiday fresh!


New stockings need Stocking Stuffers!  Different kinds of gadgets and accessories are on hand to make your stockings plump.  Money clips, pocketknives, key finders, and many more are at your disposal.  Who likes an empty stocking?  No one!  To prevent an empty stocking and barren tree, make Santa happy by leaving him cookies in one of our Cookie Gift Baskets.  He can’t fly around the whole world on an empty stomach!


Christmas doesn’t have to be a repeat of the year before!  Shake up the holidays with our amazing Christmas Gifts!

Cheer Up with a Funny Gift!

Laughter is food for the soul!  Everyday you should strive to enrich your life with positive energy, and what does the job better than a good laugh?  Take a shortcut and find hilarity by looking at our collection of Funny Gifts!


Funny Office Gifts suck the dead air out of the quiet hours at work!  Novelty Mugs offer a wide range of unique cups that everyone will enjoy.  From the Jesus Shaves Mug to the Toilet Mug, there’s a little something for everyone.  Desktop Madness Novelty Gifts are great decoration pieces for dull offices.  They are funny, and useful at the same time.  A Desktop Punching Ball is useful in a different way.  You can take out your stress and laugh away any worry.  All office gifts should be funny in some way!


For that special occasion, check out our Funny Birthday Gifts!  Chuckle Buddies are a hit with the kids.  Laughter is contagious and these talking toys provide plenty of it.  Toilet paper, liquor dispensers, night-lights, and more also do the job of brightening up anyone’s day.  On the note of notable days, our collection of Funny Christmas Gifts is just in time.  Reindeer and Santa candy dispensers are hilarious, and should make Christmas celebrations that much easier!


Funny Gag Gifts are ideal for pranks!  Friends with a sense of humor will die laughing at the assortment of gifts.  No one can resist the urge to bust out laughing at the sight of the Weener Kleener Soap, Butt Face Soap, the Redneck Horn, or the funny clocks!  That’s only a fraction of our selection.  How funny is that?


Grab a Funny Gift and uplift the spirits of any Depressed David drowning his distress in dreadful drinks!