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Personalized Bowls

Where was your favorite place to hang out at home as a kid? For me, it was always the kitchen. No matter how busy the family was, we’d always find time to talk and laugh in the kitchen over delicious food, whether slow-cooked by Dad on the weekends, thrown into the microwave by one of my siblings after school, or delivered from a nearby restaurant.



When you grow up in a large family like I did (2 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 dog, 1 cat), the kitchen gets pretty hectic, even if nobody cooks! When we were all kids, a simple thing like getting everyone’s morning cereal or serving ice cream after dinner could easily turn into a big event. That is why I’ll never forget something that made our kitchen, and our family, extra special. We all had personalized bowls (even the pets!), which made serving food a lot easier, from breakfast to late-night sundaes (to kibbles and bits). Even more, it helped make our kitchen feel a whole lot homier, and made family meals more fun.


That’s why I’m happy to see that Future Memories is helping to bring back my family tradition by offering a great selection of personalized cereal bowls, personalized ice cream bowls, personalized popcorn bowls, and even personalized pet food bowls. All of these great customized bowls are made of high quality, chip-resistant stoneware that will endure almost anything your family brings to the table! Plus, these great personalized bowls are microwave & dishwasher safe, so kids can prepare their meals on their own and clean up after themselves, too.


Still today, my all-time favorite is the personalized ice cream bowl, which somehow makes every scoop special – maybe because you know it’s in your very own personal dish. Since these custom ice cream dishes come personalized with any name you please, they make a great housewarming gift, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift, and more (not to mention a great present for yourself). Better yet, do what my family did and get everyone in the household his/her own personalized ice cream bowl, so after-dinner treats will be easier to organize. When everyone’s got their own personalized popcorn bowl, they’ll


The fun doesn’t stop there. Give your kids a reason to wake up extra early with our selection of adorable personalized children’s cereal bowls. They come not only personalized with your child’s name, but also emblazoned with a choice of cartoon kid images that depict your little one! Kids love to have their own stuff, and these personalized kids cereal bowls are no exception. The same goes for our collection of personalized kids pasta bowls and kids spaghetti bowls. Children will love having their own bowls so much that they might even eat their vegetables!


Teach your kids to respect and enjoy their food with a variety of personalized bowls that will have them eating happily and independently, serving and learning good habits. They’ll also love our personalized mugs. Nobody will be confused about whose mug is whose when their names are clearly written on the ceramic (this goes for parents, too. Dad was always drinking Mom’s coffee by accident, until we got personalized cups)!


And let’s not forget the pets! Our personalized pet bowls are made with your canine and feline friends in mind, because they, too, are part of the family and the daily kitchen bustle. Give them the care they deserve with these adorable personalized food bowls that will have them wagging their tails and purring in appreciation (I know my pets loved their personalized pet dishes, though they never did stop drinking from the toilet).


When you’re making a house into a home, there’s nothing that adds warmth more than personalization! You can have your grub and eat it too in our great selection of personalized bowls that are built to last and designed to please.


Let us know what you think of our selection of personalized bowls, and give us an idea of what family traditions were like at your house growing up. Is there anything you had as a kid that you wish you could have again? What, and why?

Christmas Gifts Part 1

That special time of the season is nearing!  Soon every house will be covered in snow and Christmas lights will illuminate the whole neighborhood.  Toy reindeers and lawn elves may also make an appearance.  That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the interior?  Decorate your home and kitchen with our Personalized Christmas Gifts!


Start a tradition with our collection of Personalized Christmas Ornaments.  These gifts can be customized with an image and message.  The variety is heartwarming!  You can find an ornament for your pet, infant, favorite college team, and many more.  A monogram personalization is beyond classy and will be a fitting addition to your Christmas tree.  Ornaments can be used again and again, year after year.  Your children can carry them on to the next generation and so on.  Christmas Ornaments are essential for a happy and memorable holiday!


Our Personalized Platters have a healthy selection of Christmas platters to top off your holiday!  Serve a grand feast or a merry meal with a customizable platter that is decorated with your favorite holiday images.  Feast on a plate that is designed with Santa Clause or a happy snowman.  Different Christmas signatures like wreaths and mistletoes line the edges of these platters and will put anyone in the holiday spirit.  Holiday dinnerware will look great on any table!


This Christmas, go all out and put a holiday stamp on everything in your house.  From the kitchen to your Christmas tree, the choices for decoration are endless.  Prepare for the season with our Personalized Christmas Gifts!

Fun and Creative Photo Gifts – Put Those Pictures on Display!

Taking pictures has never been easier! With digital cameras and smart phones at our disposal, a new age of photography has begun. With all these new photos being taken, we need new and interesting ways to display them! Why relegate your treasured pictures to an online photo album where they can only be seen while you’re in front of the computer, or hide them away in a thick album bound to collect dust in a bookshelf somewhere? Why not display them front and center so you see them as you go about your life? Let them hang out in the open, so you can look upon them and remember fondly the good times you shared with your family, friends, and other loved ones.



Picture Pockets are a cool new way to show your photos – they come in three sizes that hold up to 22, 40, or 80 of your 4” x 6” pictures in a clear, double-sided hanging pocket display. Because each side of these Picture Pockets can hold 11, 20, or 40 pictures, respectively, you can display one side and store photos on the other – when you want to switch it up, just turn the whole thing around for a new look! Show off your cherished memories with a set of Picture Pockets!  You can make a Picture Pockets photo holder a personalized gift by filling it with pictures to fit a person or special occasion. They make perfect personalized gifts for weddings (fill with pictures of the bride and groom, or pics you snapped at the ceremony and reception), birthdays, kids going off to college (they’re great for dorms!), best friends – any person or event you can think of, really!


Another great photo gift is a personalized photo calendar – not only can you choose twelve unique photos, one for each month, but you have the option to add your own important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. If you have one perfect photo you want to display all twelve months of the year, we’ve got a personalized calendar option for you as well! You have virtually complete freedom to design your calendar any way you want to. Twelve months of Fluffy, your Pomeranian, in a dog tuxedo? We can make it happen. Twelve different pictures of your family in seasonal attire? Go for it. You can even make photo collages if you want to display more than twelve pictures. Whichever option you choose to go with, you’ll ultimately receive a beautiful 10.5” x 17” personalized photo calendar you’ll treasure day in and day out.


This month we’re going to be exploring different and unique options for framing photos, displaying photos, using photos, and personalizing gifts with treasured pictures. Check back for more photo gift ideas!

Fun and Creative Photo Gifts – Pictures Front & Center!

Today, our Photos-On-Display feature continues with two great new photo gifts, each of which will hold your treasured photos with style and care.


Just about everyone has hung photos on their refrigerator at some point or another – the fridge is a central place in your house, as well as something you use multiple times a day, so it’s prime real estate for displaying pictures. The only problem with sticking pics on the fridge is that it’s a messy system, as photos are prone to curling and falling off at the lightest touch. We offer an elegant solution – our magnetic fridge photo frames! With these great little frames, you can hold a whole collection of pictures flush to the fridge, so they won’t get damaged or fall off. Photos held with these magnetic frames can easily be switched out whenever you’re in the mood for a change. Go on vacation? Display a cluster of photos of you and your family, relaxing on the beach, drinking fruit juice out of coconut shells, seeing the sights. Go to a wedding? Make a collage of photos right on the fridge with these great little frames. Have a lot of cats? With this frame set, you can think of Mr. Fluffington, Lady Purrnelope, and eight other tabbies every time you open the door to get the milk. Have even more cats? Just get two sets, so Caliconan O’Brien doesn’t feel left out. Our refrigerator photo frame magnet set comes with ten individual magnetic frames, each with a beautiful brushed aluminum finish. All together, this magnetic picture frame set holds five 2 ½” x 3” photos, three 3 ½” by 5” photos, and two 4” by 6” photos.


The more photos you have, the more difficult it becomes to find a place for them all. With a photo wall clock, you won’t have to choose between telling time and seeing your precious memories hanging on the wall – you can have both. This great clock has room for twelve 2×2 photos, measures 10.5″ x 10.5″ x 1″, and looks great in every room. If you’ve got a tabletop that could use spicing up, get our folding photo frame clock, which holds eight 2” x 2” photos and features a digital clock with alarm, calendar, timer, and digital thermometer. Handy and completely customizable, this photo gift is a great present for just about everybody!


Next week we’re featuring special picture frames that talk, as well as frames of all styles that accent pictures of every occasion!

Special Personalized Photo Gifts – Make Them Your Own!

In a way, every photo gift is a personalized photo gift, because your gift recipient can fill their frame or album with pictures of their choosing. The gifts we’re highlighting today are custom photo gifts in a whole other way – you can personalize them with a recorded message! With these gifts, photos aren’t just pictures any longer. Imagine giving a loved one a picture of their grandchild that, at the press of a button, plays a recording of their little voice saying ‘hi Grandma, I love you! Imagine giving a recordable frame to a soldier going overseas that gives them the ability to hear their families’ voices, though they’re so far away. A special talking photo gift is so much more than a simple present. It’s truly from the heart. Personal, useful, and just a little bit magical.



One of our favorite talking photo gifts is this two sided recordable picture frame, which lets you record two separate ten second messages, so parents, children, families and friends can each have their say. If your young adult is heading off to college (or camp, or boarding school, or on vacation, etc.), send them with a personalized frame. Each parent can record a message for them to listen to when they get lonely or homesick. Going to a wedding? Put photos of the bride and groom on each side of the frame, and record messages of well-wishing for the new life they’re starting.


Another way to make sure your loved ones remember the sound of your voice, or the voices near and dear to them, is to give them a recordable talking alarm clock. A 2½” x 2½” picture is displayed on the left side of the frame, while the right side tells the time with a clear digital display. This personalized photo frame is perfect for professionals who do a lot of business travelling – they can wake up each morning to the voice and image of a loved one. If you’re one of those people who need a digital tone to wake them from a deep slumber, you can switch this alarm clock between voice and chime.


If you have a gift you’d like to personalize, check out our talking voice module – it’ll turn any gift into a talking photo gift! This amazing module sticks on to the back of a picture frame or clips to its stand, and when pressed, speaks the message you recorded!


Send a meaningful message this year with a talking photo gift!

It’s Never too early to Start the Christmas Costume Search!

Colder chills, longer nights, and snow flurries are all sure signs of one thing: global warming.  Right?  No the evidence points to Christmas.  That time of the year is quickly approaching and it’s about time to prepare.  Don’t worry about the presents and decorations for a moment.  Focus on the two most important Christmas roles: Mr. And Mrs. Clause.  Find what you’re looking for with our collection of Santa Costumes!


The North Pole is in a frenzy at this time of year.  Help ease the load of the Christmas crew with one of our Santa Costumes.  All of the traditional Christmas garments come with these costumes from the white beard to the fox fur down to the black boots.  You can be the spitting image of Mr. Clause.  Mrs. Clause outfits run the gamut from ankle skirts to mini skirts.  The Mrs. Clause Costumes sport a more traditional look that screams of elegance.  On the other hand, the Sexy Santa costumes do their best job to make this Christmas a steamy one.  Santa Costumes make perfect couples costumes and possess all of the wondrous qualities that make Christmas special!


Christmas spirit can be displayed in every detail.  If you have a pet, the Santa Dog Costume is beyond cute and completes the family photo.  Another accessory is the stylish Santa Glasses that will perfectly compliment any Santa Costume that puts you in the mood!


Christmas Eve, morning, and day will be a special one once you play the part and show your holiday spirit with a Christmas Costume!