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Complete the Look with our Costume Accessories!

Costumes make up just one part of your costume.  A new look is never complete without accessories.  Wigs, gloves, weapons, and other items are the toppings that fill that missing piece.  It turns your efforts into a masterpiece.  Complete your outfit with our collection of Costume Accessories!


Accessories are the heart of every costume!  Costume Gloves give you the edge with firm handshakes on Halloween.  Complete your Spiderman, Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger, and Edward Scissorhands look with their gloves.  What’s a web-slinger without the red and black hand design?  It’s a walker.  Don’t be left behind, and don’t lose your head while you’re at it.  Keep cool with our Costume wigs.  These Halloween wigs will allow you to take on many personalities.  Be one with the darkness in an Elvira Wig or be sexy starlet with a Marilyn Monroe Wig.  Many wigs are available to compliment your costume.


Besides cover for your head and limbs, the other little trinkets on Halloween make the night memorable.  For the party goers with trouble on their minds, a Collapsible Pitchfork should draw many giggles if you should use it.  A Donut Purse and Jamaican Cigar are odd little items that deserve a quick once over and should be automatic conversation starters.  Avatar fans will love the Avatar Na’vi Makeup Kit.  Relive that magical Avater experience by masking yourself with the same blue shade that captivated millions.  Accessories for costumes provide a multitude of options.


Keep up to date with all the latest pieces to finish your costume with our Halloween Costume Accessories!

Shoot for the Starships in a Star Wars Costume!

In a galaxy far, far away there are creatures and life forms that you will never see.  Sorry!  We’re stuck here on Earth; bored to death by daytime television and people wearing socks with their sandals, but there is a saving grace: Star Wars.  Fight the intergalactic fight by showing your devotion to this classic trilogy.  Take a timeout from your daily routine, and stalk around as character from the famous movies with a Star Wars Costume!


Choose between the dark and light side, and use the force to further your cause.  Feel the force in a Luke Skywalker Costume.  Be forewarned, once you put on this costume, you are officially a part of the light side and will be prone to engaging in legendary duels with mysterious enemies.  If your blood runs dark, grab a Darth Vader Costume that is intricately detailed down to the chest control panel.  Battles will be won and lost on Halloween night, but at least you will have fun and be prepared!


The other characters in Star Wars brought that distant world to life!  Disguise yourself as your favorite characters and bring some outer space flavor to a Halloween party.  For the wise, the Yoda Costume should do the trick.  Everyone will be humbled in your presence once you dress up as the green and wrinkled legend.  Luke Skywalker was driven by light, but also love.  The Princess Leia Costumes costumes are sexy and classy at the same time.  Coordinate these Star Wars Halloween Costumes and create an amazing group or couples costume!


Turn Halloween night into an epic affair by dressing up in a Stars Wars Costume!

Sexy Costumes that will Heat up any Cold Halloween Night!

There’s nothing worse than a cold and boring night!  Eliminate both of these problems in one shot with a Halloween costume that will turn heads, and keep them turned.  If your alcohol coat is not warming you up, try on a Sexy Costume that will add a little innocent steam to your Halloween fabric!


Fight for the greater good and look good doing it with a Sexy Superhero Costume!  All of the household names make an appearance.  You can astound everyone with your sexiness and superpowers in a Wonder Woman or Batgirl Costume.  The Flash, Robin, and the Green Lantern have also been feminized into a sexy Halloween costume for women!  If you want to stay earthbound, but still fight the good fight, try a Sexy Army Costume or one of our Sexy Police Costumes.  Any one of these can inspire justice, but can also be used for a little personal and naughty discipline.  There are no limits on sexy costumes for women!


For a classic idea, look no further than our Sexy Angel and Sexy Devil Costumes!  Choose which side you want to represent and fix your halo or pick up a pitchfork.  However not every choice is this profound.  Sexy Witch Costumes, Sexy Bug Costumes, Sexy Cat Costumes and so many more costumes for women are available.  You won’t be at loss for choices!


Sex appeal has been a driving force on Halloween night for quite some time.  Funny costumes and scary costumes will always have their place, but the most memorable parts of Halloween night will always be the Sexy Costumes.