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Satisfy that Sweet Tooth with an Ice Cream Costume and Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow!

The summer can’t last forever.  It’s a sad truth.  Extra sunshine, sprinklers, the sound of children playing, long days, and short nights are all put on hold for a few seasons.  However, there is one joy that carries over: ice cream!  Pay homage to the best dessert known to man by dressing up in an Ice Cream Costume, and taking a breather with an Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow!


Stay cool in more ways than one with an ice cream Halloween costume.  The Ice Cream Sundae Costume can be worn any day of the week, and it doesn’t spoil your dinner!  Pair the sundae up with an Ice Cream Cone Costume to complete a group or couples costume.  The idea of being one with two different types of ice cream treats is overwhelming!  Try these food costumes on for size and all of your worries and fears will melt away.


After a long night of party hopping and trick-or-treating, you’re going to be exhausted!  Hide your valuable bag of candy, take a load off, and rest your head on the comfy Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow.  Sweet dreams are now possible.  This soft and sweet pillow will lull you into a dreamland that’s not too far away from candy land.  What’s better than a night full of deserts?


Indulge in the pleasures that please your sweet tooth without having to worry about cavities.  Dress up in an Ice Cream Costume and complete the perfect night with hours of rest on an ice cream pillow!

Bring the Living Dead back to Life in a Funny Couples Costume!

Chemistry will be at an all time high on Halloween!  You and your partner have a tough choice ahead.  What costumes are in style and who’s wearing what?  These are common questions that bring down the anticipation that Halloween thrives on, but have no fear because couples costumes make that choice less nerve wrecking!  Grab a partner and coordinate themes with a Funny Couples Costume from our Halloween collection.


Nothing else shakes up a party more than a good laugh!  We have various funny couples Halloween costumes!  Link up with a partner and experience an arousing surge of electricity that wasn’t taught in the chemistry class by trying out the Plug & Socket Costume.  One person will be a top and bottom socket, and the other will be a plug.  This costume should be a perfect fit, and is guaranteed to draw all sorts of hilarious puns.  One warning—make sure the plug and socket stays far away from the Fork and Spoon Costume.  Imagine you and your partner as the missing link between civilized man and food, or make sparks fly as an electrical conductor.  The choice is yours, but regardless of which one you choose, your couples costume will be the funniest costume on Halloween night!


If you’re not in the mood for being suggestive, clean up your act with a Toothbrush and Toothpaste Costume.  Stalk careless trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, and make sure they remember one thing when Halloween is over: brush your teeth!  A night of candy needs to be attacked with the brushing of the teeth.  All of kids will have nightmares about the hungry toothbrush and toothpaste monsters that chased them home in the name of dental hygiene.  Good times!


Funny Couples Costumes double the pleasure and double the laughter on Halloween night.  Prepare for an epic night!

Kids will Pull their Hair Out when they Meet the Annoying Monsters!

Children need to be entertained!  Boredom and free time is inevitable at some point and that’s when kids start to plot devious schemes to take over the household.  Don’t let idle time corrupt your young ones.  Keep them busy with a toy that is interactive; a toy that doesn’t put up with neglect; a toy with many features.  Keep your child occupied with an Annoying Monster toy!


Collect all of the Annoying Monsters and see if your child can tame them!  The Annoying Monsters are a group of extremely irritating monsters that will go beyond their limits to be as annoying as possible.  Because of this, Queen Griselda expelled them from Planet Boggus to get lost in space.  Somehow they landed on Earth and are now dead set on annoying your children.  They all come in different looks and colors.  Infuriating Igor is a bucktoothed and googly-eyed red puff with black feet, hands, and antennae.  Aggravating Alfred tries to pass as a lovable orange and red Cyclops, while Bothersome Boris deceives everyone with his one big blue eye and blue fur.  Pestering Percy is green and plays dumb to trick everyone who talks to him, and Irritating Ethel is pink and too cute for her own good.  Our Annoying Monsters fool everyone at first glance!


All of the Annoying Monsters are of them same species and have the same features.  Your child can abuse these toys all they want, but the Annoying Monsters fight back!  If your kid dares to poke Bothersome Boris in his one eye, he will let out a blood-curdling scream.  Press on Aggravating Alfred’s stomach and get ready for an explosion of farts and belches that will have your kids wrenching their noses.  Step on Irritating Ethel’s foot and she will laugh and jump around like a madman.  Squeeze the hand of Infuriating Igor and he repeats what you say but in an irritating voice that will drive your kid nuts.  It’s tiring, but don’t put Pestering Percy down and ignore him or else he will fall asleep and snore as loud as he can.  Each Annoying Monster possesses all of these features.


Drive your children crazy, but keep them entertained with an Annoying Monster toy!

Unusual Gifts for Normal People

Be different!  Every holiday you receive the same tie and cuff links, but in a different color or pattern.  However, don’t act like you’re always the victim.  You too have probably given little into the gifts you give.  One hundred dollars says that for Father’s Day, you surprised your father with a coffee mug, cologne, or a collared shirt.  Switch it up once in a while and search for a gift that is out of the ordinary in our collection of Unusual Gifts!


Unusual Gifts for Him is a selection of neat items that is sure to draw the interest of any man.  Our Desktop Madness Novelty Gifts look great in offices or house dens.  The Cell Phone Hand Holder and Hand Pen Holder hold your pens and phone in a cool hand design sculpted in the shape of a real hand in a cupping position.  For those with a sense of humor, take a look at the Eject-A-Putt Golf gift that pushes the ball right out of the hole.  The Weener Kleener Soap is a soap ring that may be a joke to some but fun for others.  Our Liquor Dispensers are always a guaranteed laugh.  The Peeing Santa Liquor Dispenser is a lewd holiday gift that shows you Santa Clause like you’ve never seen him before.  All of these items are great gag gifts that will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing!


The women get the first and last laugh in our collection of Unusual Gifts for Her.  My Sexy Little Pole is a home stripper pole that will draw more than just laughs.  The Yummy Pockets collection of zipper pouches and coin purses are designed to look like tasty foods such as hamburgers, pizza, sushi, and more.  There is a great variety of Unusual Gifts.  The Barbecue Grill Towel will make you hungry and the Crime Scene Dead Body Beach Towel might attract detectives.  Both are undeniably unique, and that’s not even it.  There are many more Unusual Gifts for Her that should interest you.


Don’t forget to check out the Unusual Kids Gifts and Geek Gifts.  Pop up with an Unusual Gift at an unexpected time and make someone’s day!

Teachers Need Love Too: Gifts for Teachers

Education is the foundation for a successful civilization.  It’s an old concept but true.  Teachers are the first real social groomers that your children will encounter.  Your kid’s success may depend on the effectiveness of their teachers.  With that in mind, push teachers to give their best effort and reward the teachers that do reach out and catch your child’s ear.  Show your appreciation with a present from our collection of Gifts for Teachers!


A teacher’s desk is a window into their personality.  Take a look at our Unique Desk Clocks for a practical gift.  The Magnet Executive Desk Clock is chic desk clock that has a smooth sleek design perfect for all the cool teachers with time on their mind.  This desk clock has a magnetic base that can hold paper clips.  For a more artistic clock, try the Yin n’ Yang Executive Desk Clock with a two-tone black and white design.  Other students will shower the teacher with compliments on their sense of style.  If the teacher in mind has a taste for creative gadgets, the Roly Poly LCDAlarm Clock has a counter balance design and bounce back action.  All of these items are engaging in different ways, but will please the teacher equally.


Our Gifts for Teachers provides an assortment of gift ideas!  Flavia’s Personalized Candy Jar should be a hit with the students.  Fill this jar up with candy and allow the teacher to keep their candy in a safe place and offer incentives for students to do their work.  Warm a teacher’s heart with a Personalized Vase that is available in a Sonoma, blue gingham, and red gingham design.  Gift Baskets are always a safe choice.  There are gift baskets for all types of events and with your choice of snacks and foods.  Show your appreciation directly with the Do It Yourself Teacher Appreciation Plate.  This is a commemorative plate that comes with a pen to personalize it.  Reward your children the reward of good teaching!


Make someone’s day with our Gifts for teachers!