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For Pete’s sake, try our Keepsakes!

Keepsakes protect a lifetime of memories.  Gifts that last the long haul hold great sentimental value and can help turn any household into a home.  Enrich your family and friends with a gift that shows them how much you care.  Don’t look for a one time only gift, search for that special item in our collection of Keepsakes!


Start a gift giving tradition from birth!  When they get older, your children will want to look back and put together clues of their infant experience.  The Day You Were Born Newspaper is a great reminder of a date of birth.  This personalized gift makes it easier to reminisce on your baby’s birth date and remember what was going on in the world at the time.  Handprint Gifts provide great relics from a child’s past.  A Pop Art Canvas Baby Handprint Set comes in blue and pink.  These sets can be customized with a baby’s handprint and used to decorate rooms.  A Photo and Footprint Baby Book shows your infant’s prints and contains journal pages to document every step of growth.  Try a keepsake that will last from childhood to adulthood!


Collectibles  increase in value as time goes on.  We have a selection of Old Magazines for the old timers or people interested in past publications such as Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and more.  Movie memorabilia is perfect for the movie buffs.  Photographs and collectibles of classic and contemporary movie stars are available and waiting to be framed.  To store these keepsakes, check out our Baby Time Capsule or Weeding Time Capsule.  Both are used to collect milestones and build up tangible memories during life’s journey.


Try our Keepsakes for the sake of nostalgia!

Time to Move on: Retirement Gift Ideas

Everyone knew this day was coming; the day that laborious soul hangs up the office keys and heads home to retirement.  The retiree embarks on a journey of time gone and lost in the shuffle of what’s to come.  You can help make this transition easier.  Bring a smile to that newly retired person’s face or someone on the brink of retiring with a Retirement Gift!


Time plagues the mind of this anxious.  Our retirement clocks can help!  For a hearty laugh, take a look at the Whatever Clock.  This clock is a jumble of numbers meant to lighten up schedule sticklers.  Take a load off and enjoy retirement.  Don’t be a victim of appointment!  However for those still waiting for retirement, we have a Retirement Count Clock in a Beach or Golf theme.  Watch those numbers tick away towards a desired date!  Our Novelty Clocks offer a good change of pace for a home that will seem different after retirement.  We have classic Kit-Cat Clocks, Backwards Clocks, and many more.  Clock out with our gift clocks!


For a personal stamp sift through our selection of personalized retirement gifts.  During retirement, you can make wine tasting a full time hobby.  A Personalized Wine Box or Personalized Insulated Wine Cooler Tote is great for wine lovers and connoisseurs.  Personalized Wine Glasses are perfect for retirement parties and Gourmet Gift Baskets are great presents that anyone can enjoy.  A Personalized Golf Towel can come in handy on those hot summer days at the green, and a Personalized Recognition Keepsake Plate is a proper way to commemorate a new stage of life.  Do it right!


Retirement is an unpredictable road!  Make that journey easier with our Retirement Gifts.


Food Under the Sun: Picnic Baskets for Two or More

The sun is out, the wind is an afterthought, and the grass is dry.  Everything is set in place for a nice day at the park with that special someone or your troop of kids.  Either way, there’s no better day for a picnic!  However, food doesn’t carry itself!  Travel and easily carry food with our Picnic Baskets!


More mouths equal more space!  Our Picnic Baskets for Four have just enough space to feed the group.  The Sonoma Picnic Basket is a willow basket made for wine and cheese complete with many accessories.  It includes a corkscrew, food container, cutting board, cheese knife, tablecloth, wine duffel, wine glasses, and napkins.  Everything you need for a classy picnic get-together is available, but maybe you’re in a hurry or just want some alone time.  Don’t worry; the Picnic Time Pranzo Lunch Pack does the job.  This picnic lunch pack has separate hot and cold sections, a carrying strap, plus a hidden section with salt and pepper shakers.  You’ll be fully equipped for a last minute picnic in peace!


For a more intimate occasion, our Picnic Baskets for Two will help set the mood.  We have picnic baskets in different styles that can only enhance your picnic outing.  The Romantic Picnic Basket for Two is a brown rope and bamboo basket that has all the utensils needed to satisfy a happy couple.  The Sandringham, Pioneer, Chardonnay, and other picnic basket styles are available for a warm afternoon with your partner.  If you want a change of pace, the Picnic Time Picnic Basket is a modern makeover of traditional baskets with a stylish but effective design.  You won’t be disappointed with any of these choices!


Lay down your blankets and enjoy a beautiful day of picnicking with our selection of Picnic Baskets!

Don’t Look Down: Gifts for those Over the Hill!

There comes a time when one sit-up turns into mission impossible.  At some point in your life the hair on your chest will be fuller than the hair on your head.  For you, that might not have come yet, but you definitely know someone that’s past their prime.  As a birthday gift or a gift just for the sake of giving, give Over the Hill Gift to that special someone who is standing off with old age!


Over the Hill Gifts should be lighthearted and funny.  Laughing is the best way for soon to be old timers to burn off those potbelly calories.  The Too Young to be Old Mug and Cap are used to help embrace old age with that clever phrase.  For devious laughs, get the Pecker Detector that will help those guys with big stomachs find where their manhood has gone over the years.  Couple that with the Potty Night Light that makes the toilet seat glow in the dark, and he will never miss the seat again.  Give them a funny reminder with the Old Fart Slippers stuffed with whoopee cushions.  Now you can fart and laugh without holding your nose.


A midlife crisis calls for some throwback laughter!  Our collection of 40th and 50th Birthday Gifts is sure to snap any moping birthday boy out of a funk.  Personalized gifts demonstrate great consideration on the part of the giver.  We have Personalized Birthday Champagne Labels and a Personalized Birthday NY Times Jigsaw Puzzle that can be customized with special messages or commemoration of certain dates.  For the woman looking back up that hill, make them feel young again with a 40th or 50th Birthday Tiara that will bring back childhood fantasies of being swept off her feet by prince charming.  The What a Year it Was! Yearbook Anniversary/ Birthday Book celebrates the year of your choice with rare photos and illustrations that represent that year.  For the history buffs, our selection of New York Times historic Newspaper Gifts offer personalized issues and famous reprints.  All of these gifts are available for 40th and 50th birthdays and will please the recipients beyond measure!


Being over the hill is not so bad with our hilarious gifts!

Baskets, Balls, and Booze: 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

The 30th Birthday is another checkpoint in life.  Stomachs start to fluctuate over the waistline’s tipping point.  Families are being nurtured and the habits of your youth seem less mature by the second.  These are new times where you start to get a grip on reality and wisdom comes in from all fronts.  Our 30th Birthday Gifts celebrate this coming of age the right way!


Gift baskets provide the type of variety that keeps people on their toes!  For women, we have Spa Gift Baskets with an assortment of themes.  Everything from pedicure to aromatherapy gift sets are available.  Kick back and relax with basket gifts that include slippers, candles, pillows, lotions, sprays, and numerous spa accessories that will leave you smelling fresh and feeling comfortable.  As for the men, there’s nothing more tranquil than sitting back and watching “the game”.  This simple fact make sports gift baskets the perfect 30th birthday presents for men.  These baskets are themed after most mainstream sports like baseball and football but pastimes such as darts and fishing are well represented in our collection.  Why stop there?  Snack Gift Baskets go hand in hand with watching sports.  Popcorn, soda, potato chips!  You name it!


Personalized gifts demonstrate thought.  You took the time to customize an item to show that you truly do care.  Impress the fresh 30 year old with Personalized Champagne Labels or Personalized Shot Glasses.  The shot glasses come in different sizes and can be engraved to show an unspoken bond.  Personalized Fake Magazine and Newspaper covers are sure to draw laughs from everyone.  Also sure to entertain is the Too Young to be Old Birthday Mug that allows for people to always drink with a smile on their face.


Take a step into the second half of your life with our 30th Birthday Gifts!

Gifts of Matrimony Made for Thought!

I now pronounce you man and—at that point, it’s too late to buy the wedding gifts, but as of right now there’s still time.  Plan ahead and make sure that holy day of matrimony between two hungry souls is special.  Our collection of Wedding Gifts has a vast and varied selection that will help your presents stand out!


The stars of the show, the bride and groom, deserve the attention.  Our Gifts for the Newlyweds pay tribute to the happy couple and will make you the most praised gift bearer.  Personalized gifts come in all shapes and sizes to put an intimate stamp on any gift.  Romantic mugs, gift baskets, plates, platters, candles, and other items can be personalized to commemorate the new married couple.  Keepsakes that hold photos and time capsules that store marriage checkpoints are all great gift ideas!


Friends of the groom don’t have to fret over the gift decisions.  A Groom T-shirt and Boxers will never let him forget that special day and personalized cuff links are the perfect compliment to any groom’s suit.  Bride Gifts include Bridal Jewelry, Bridal Money Bags, and everything in-between.  A DIY Personalized Bridal Shower and a Pearlized Silver Wedding Album are sure to bring a tear of joy to the bride!  Bride Apparel gives the bride an opportunity to lament the wedding experience with clothes from tank tops down to the slippers.


The Groomsman and Bridesmaid are the support that keeps weddings from derailing.  A small trinket can be a great show of appreciation.  Compact mirrors, jewelry boxes, and key chains are great Bridesmaid favors.  Bridesmaid picture frames capture numerous emotions and honor the Bride’s shoulders to lean on.  Groomsman Gifts are a salute to a life left behind for a happy union.  Personalized beer and shot glasses can be used on the wedding day to celebrate the occasion.  Our Personalized Pocket Watches and Money Clips come in different styles and have a very professional look.  Show your appreciation for the groomsmen with these gifts and more!


A wedding is meant to rejoice in the future of the bride and groom, but let’s not forget the others that help fuel the ceremony.  Our Wedding Gifts collection has gifts for everyone involved!

New Gifts for Newborns!

Nothing is more innocent than a newborn baby.  Every action has to be delicate to preserve that fragile piece of life.  Make smart gift decisions by looking at our collection of New Baby Gifts!


Baby clothing is an easy and essential gift!  Leave any infant feeling comfortable and looking more adorable than ever with our baby rompers that come in different colors and can be personalized.  Top it off with a red or blue baby hat and some baby burp clothes.  There’s no such thing as too cute!  For that extra layer of comfort, baby furniture must be done right.  Our Moses Baby Baskets offer a rich tradition and comfort to boot.  Rattan baskets are also available.  Take a look at the blanket, bumper, and dust ruffle accessories for crib bedding that will have most babies sleeping straight through the night.  For different crib bedding designs, the Glenna Jean Bedding Collection offers Ashton, Dynasty, Green Acres, and many more themes that will lull any baby to sleep.


Baby showers are always riddled with the same gifts.  Make sure your gift stands out!  Help preserve all of the baby’s firsts with the Baby Time Capsule.  It stores milestone markers to keep track of anything that the baby does as he or she grows up.  Personalized Baby Stationary are great for putting a baby’s stamp on any invitation and Personalized Teddy Bears will give the baby long lasting company it deserves.


If you’re not sure what to get, gift baskets and picture frames are always a safe bet.  The Twin Celestial Gift Basket provides a great mix of necessities and toys.  The Family Picture Frame is old fashioned and holds the memory of the beginnings of a family.  This is a perfect gift for the sentimental mother!


Baby gifts are abundant and constantly in production.  Use these suggestions to narrow that search down!

Golden Gifts: 50th Anniversary Mementos

The 50th anniversary marks a half of a century partnership rooted in love and sustained through endurance.  That’s incredible!  Wars between countries have come and gone.  Simple in house spats over empty juice cartons left in the fridge loosened that tied knot, but you tightened it time and time again.  50 years of matrimony is an occasion that should be commemorated.  You and your partner have been through everything and seen it all.  Celebrate this day with our 50th anniversary collection!


A 50th anniversary gathering is made easy and elegant with our festive supplies.  Our Personalized Champagne Labels put your own unique stamp on the bottle of your choice.  The custom label displays the names of you and your spouse, date of marriage, and a personal message to put your devotion into words.  50th anniversary flutes with 22k gold inscriptions and cake server set are available so you can toast to the occasion with class and enjoy it with a bite of cake.  Cake toppers come in either rhinestone or acrylic, with an option to get a custom acrylic topper.  Document that day with a 50th anniversary guestbook that leaves space for heartfelt message from guests.


Photographs are the most tangible holders of memories.  Cherish those special moments with our 50th Anniversary Frames with gold embossed lettering.  Place these in your office or on a mantle top to relive the good life and times shared with that special someone.


50 years is a blessing!  This milestone needs to be honored with keepsakes that signify your love!