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The Beginnings of Nostalgia: 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The 25th anniversary is not the infatuated newlywed hangover of the first, yet it is just as special in its own way.  25 years is an accomplishment and a kaleidoscope of memories that range from the raising of bed jumping children to the vacation getaways on the Caribbean down to the moments of perseverance that kept the marriage strong.  Commemoration of this journey is made easy with our 25th anniversary gift collection!


A momentous occasion should be celebrated with friends and family.  If you’re thinking about throwing a 25th anniversary party, our chic 25th Anniversary Guestbook is vital to keep track of the loved ones who attended, and to reminisce on their heartfelt messages.  Our drinking flutes with the anniversary inscription are great for toasting, and the Cake Server set combines elegance and ease for a smooth cake cutting experience.  Rhinestone and acrylic cake toppers are available for added aesthetics as well as personalized champagne labels that provide a unique stamp for your special day!


Keepsakes immortalize anniversaries.  Photographic recollections of the 25 best years of your life can be memorialized with our 25th Anniversary Flip Frame that sports a beautifully embossed cover and contains 50 pockets for your horizontal photos.  The Floating Candle Vase burns with a flame which yearns to last as long the eternal love that drives your marriage.  Personalized blankets, crosses, and calendars make room for intimate messages between spouses.  We also have a “Recipe for a Happy Marriage” gift frame that breaks the qualities of your strong marriage down to ingredients.


You only get one 25th anniversary.  Make it extraordinary!

Give the Gift of Grilling! Personalized BBQ Gifts

It’s finally here! Fourth of July weekend will be upon us in a matter of days. It’s time to get out the grill, gather the family, and have a great day! Grilling virtually guarantees a good time (unless you burn the skewers!), and we’ve got the perfect way to show your grill master how much you appreciate his effort and technique (and delicious food!) – with personalized BBQ gifts!


When you give the gift of a personalized chef hat, emblazoned with the name of the chief griller of your group, you may be rewarded with some extra big portions come mealtime! When you also give them the great grilling gift of a personalized chef apron, it’s virtually guaranteed! Whether your custom apron says ‘kiss the cook’, ‘king of the grill’, ‘grill sergeant’, or anything else you can think of, it’s sure to be a hit! Not only is it a stylish and fun grilling gift, it’ll keep your friend’s clothes barbecue-sauce-free!


Once the burgers have taken on that perfect char, crisscrossed with grill marks and ready to be eaten, you need to put them somewhere to be delivered to your eagerly waiting guests. Would you put the finest of steaks on a regular paper plate when it could rest comfortably on a personalized BBQ platter? You can get a customized platter with your family name for a gift they’ll all love, your host’s name, or your favorite witty saying. When you bring a 4th of July gift this great, you’ll be invited back year after year!


Have you seen our BBQ branding iron? This awesome barbecue gift isn’t exactly personalized, but it’ll help you put a personal message on each and every piece of meat you grill! Personalize a burger or steak for each guest, or mark a piece of tofu for your vegetarian guests! No one will touch your best cut when it says ‘keep off’ right on it!


After the meal, keep the fun going with a battery operated marshmallow toaster, that lets you toast your ‘mallows to golden-brown perfection by ensuring that all sides get equal exposure. No more smoky s’mores (unless, of course, you like them that way)!


A personalized BBQ gift is a great way to say ‘thanks,’ and ensure that the grill master in your life will come back time and again to cook delicious burgers and dogs!


Happy 4th of July!