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Personalized Wedding Gifts – Groomsmen

On Tuesday, we featured some super bridesmaid gifts, so today, we’re talking about gifts for groomsmen. Give the guys there for you on your wedding day something great they’ll be able to use for years to come. If you choose a personalized groomsmen gift, it’ll mean that much more!


There are a ton of personalized groomsmen gifts just waiting to be customized with names, initials, dates, and messages – check out our personalized pocket watches. They’re super useful, but above that, incredibly classy. When your groomsmen have personalized watches, there’s no way they’ll be late for the ceremony!


For the night before, and for guys’ nights to follow, there are personalized beer glasses, beer mugs, and shot glasses that will make sure that your drinks never get mixed up! Personalized cocktail shakers will help you get the party started, and for a covert way to spike a night out with fun, get our personalized flasks. Personalized bottle openers are great wedding favors too. Don’t forget personalized coffee mugs for each groomsman – they’ll need something to hold their headache-curing cups of Joe the morning after a crazy night!


There are plenty more unique groomsmen gifts you can customize, like personalized money clips, personalized business card holders, personalized coasters, personalized cufflinks, pocketknives, picture frames, the list goes on! If you can think of a great guy gift, there’s a really good chance that we not only carry it, but that you can personalize it with a message of your own.


These are just some groomsmen gift ideas – for more, check out the groomsmen gifts section of Future Memories – you’re sure to find something that will make your day extra special!


Good luck, and congratulations!

Father’s Day is Coming Up! Make A Memory With Your Dad

This Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day. I know! I can’t believe it’s come around again either! Doesn’t the routine go something like this: every year, on the third Sunday in June, it’s a scramble to find a tie your father doesn’t have yet – did you get the blue striped one last year? How about the red? Does dad even like paisley? Let’s stop that madness now! Instead of another generic gift, why not get your dad something meaningful, from the heart? Why not make a new memory with the man (or men) who helped make you into the person you are today?


Whether you’re paying tribute to your father, step-father, grandfather, or another man who means a lot to you, the best gift you can give is something that brings back thoughts of a great time. Does your dad like cooking outdoors? Is he a grill master (or does he just think he is)? Get your dad a personalized BBQ platter and set of personalized grilling tools, and there’ll be shrimp on the barbie in no time! I know no one can grill better than my dad (feel free to challenge me in the comments!) – I might just get him one of our fun grilling tools this year! The best part about a personalized BBQ gift is that the more grilling tools you give your dad, the more likely it is that he’ll cook you delicious food! My ulterior motive revealed!


Once dinner is over, grill cooling, and personalized aprons sufficiently covered in BBQ sauce, it’s time for some more fun together as a family. Why not play a fun board game, like Password or Loaded Questions? We have party games, word games, family games, educational games, and strategy games – there’s something for each and every one’s tastes. You can even Make Your Own Opoly, by personalizing the blank squares to create your own version of the classic board game! Make your own board game, customizing the board to be about your family, your interests, or even all about Dad.


Of course, these are only suggestions – you know best what your dad likes, so poke around our Father’s Day gift section and see if anything catches your fancy!


Happy shopping, and happy Father’s Day! Stop back later in the week when we share our own favorite memories we have of our Dads!

Les Paul’s Birthday

Have you seen the Google Doodle today? To commemorate Les Paul’s birthday, Google’s header has been modified into a playable online guitar! Les Paul, the renowned musician, songwriter, and developer of the solid-body electric guitar among other instruments, was never satisfied with what already was. He was constantly testing new sounds, methods, and recording effects, the sum total of which enabled whole new genres of music to manifest. Les Paul was defined by innovation, creativity, and the drive to discover things that had never been done before. It’s fitting that he is today celebrated in such an original way.


Les Paul’s creations, most notably the Les Paul guitar, remain wildly popular. Paul’s story is an inspiring one, where a man with a vision saw that vision come to life. He continued to record and play live performances into his 80s, and though he passed away, is survived by his inventions.


Paul’s instrument of choice, the guitar, is one of the most popular. One source estimates that around 20 million people in the U.S. play guitar. With the popularity of music video games and such, it’s easy to see how pervasive guitar culture is. Carrying around a guitar instantly starts conversations — guitar players just have that je ne sais quoi about them that draws a crowd. Always having a guitar with you can be difficult though. If only there was a way to show off your passion for guitar, no matter where you are. Guess what? There is!


Our personalized guitar watches are stylish and functional, pieces of guitar art you can wear always. You can even write a message of up to 15 characters on the watch, so it’s undoubtedly yours!


With a guitar potholder, you can jam while you cook! Customize every part of your life to show how hard you rock!


On a more whimsical note, our finger guitar toy lets you jam out wherever you are! Play a song you know, a prerecorded song, freestyle, or hand it off to a new friend and watch them try it out! If you just want to look awesome, or step up your air-guitaring with a prop, this Demon Blade Bass Toy Guitar is great for you! It’s inexpensive, but will add pizzazz to any rocker costume!


There are tons of ways to show your love for the guitar, the instrument that brings people together so they can rock out!


Thanks Les!

Personalized Wedding Gifts – Bridesmaids

Happy first day of summer! It’s a time of joyous celebration, as we break out the flip-flops, sunglasses, and make the switch to iced coffee and tea. For many, summer is joyous for a reason even more important than coffee (some may say) – it’s wedding season!


The summer months are great for weddings because the weather is gorgeous, flowers are in bloom, and many people have fewer obligations and can take time off to travel. The only downside is that because so many people are getting hitched, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. We’re here to help with that!



It’s our mission to help you make great memories, and what better way to enjoy your special day than by surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones? The women who stand by you as your bridesmaids are there to ensure you have the best day possible, one you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Let them know how much you appreciate them with a personalized bridesmaid gift that carries a message straight from the heart. For years after your big day, they’ll be able to look at their personalized gift and think fondly back on the special moments they shared with you.


Do you and your bridesmaids love jewelry? Why not customize a beautiful piece to give to each girl? A personalized bracelet or personalized necklace is something a bridesmaid can wear proudly, treasuring it not only for the memories it holds but also for its style. Love to look good? Give personalized compacts and manicure sets that will make everyday makeup application more meaningful. Maybe you love curling up with a cup of cocoa and a good book. Check out our personalized mugs and bookmarks – your bridesmaids will love them!


For the bachelorette party, or pre-wedding prep, get your girls these great tank tops that say ‘bridesmaid’ in sparkling rhinestones! We’ve also got maid of honor and bridesmaid t-shirts with words in classy script.


If you’re getting married this summer wedding season (or any other time of year for that matter), we hope you have a wonderful wedding!